Monday, June 27, 2011

The Resounding "F" Word...

It was embarrassing.  But, beyond that it was extremely irritating.  The thread broke; I lost my temper.

Trucker -mouth suddenly appeared in all her glory, and it is astounding that I was not thrown out of the crowded Tom Hortons today.  Mothers covered their children's ears; men in suits narrowed their eyes and gritted their teeth.

No one made a move toward my table, so I just carried on and attached new thread,  perhaps a tad subdued, but otherwise not affected much by my own outburst.  I never am.  ; )

This is the piece.  It is from the Tatter's Treasure Chest and it is a sweet pattern.  In the thicker thread it looked bulky, but now it shows every single flaw in the #80.

The hankie edging does not seem to present so many problems, but I think the DMC is coarser and thicker than this:

I am finding it very challenging to work with this thread, for although I like it very much, it is so difficult to get the stitches the same size, the tension with the right amount of pressure, the picots consistent.  Seems all the flaws glare big time!  And, I am really trying my absolute best....@%*&*!

I suppose with a lot of practice it will become easier. My temper will have to be managed long before any improvement becomes discernible.


  1. The finer threads do take an incredible amount of patience! From now on, if I hear trucker language when I'm out, I'm going to look and see if there's a tatter present!

  2. Dear Lord, it's good you and I don't tat together in public. Even my dogs cock their heads at me when certain words escape my mouth. I think this is why I revert to reading a good book sometimes!

    I haven't tried the size 70 or smaller threads yet - I am worried that I can't see the stitches well enough. It's a bit daunting to think that the flaws are even more visible.

    Do you think there are tatting classes combined with language instruction? Hehehehe.

  3. Your work in progress really does look stunning! And I zeroed in for a solid bit of scrutinizing and declare this tatted effort to be practically perfect in every way. mary Poppins would agree. Indubitably!

  4. Be aware that you are tatting with OLD thread, and so it will be more fragile. Not always the fault of a tatter....

    Firetruck and Shitake mushroom are fun to say when this sort of thing happens.

  5. I'm struggling to tame my trucker tongue - don't know what it is though, after I let a couple choice words fly, I calm right down and can get back to work happily. I tell myself, it's better for my blood pressure...

    As for the tatting, it may send you into fits of cussing, but it sure is pretty!

    :) Ann

  6. The fine threads do take perfect stitches *sigh*. You seem to be conquering it nicely! Sometimes I have to refrain from ripping apart whatever I'm working on. For about a minute that would feel like the best thing ever, but then, future me would get mad at past me. That thread you're working with is so pretty!


  7. I haven't ever tatted with a vintage thread, but I find that both DMC and Lizbeth size 80 usually tat more evenly for me than larger threads do. It may just be a matter of practice. You may need to force yourself to slow down a bit until you're used to the finer threads.

  8. Fox I never knew you knew that kind of lanuage, I am sure you lost it with good reason, some threads would drive the most patiance person up the wall. The thread looks very pretty.
    If I get into a temper my other half tells me to leave until I feel better, and that from a man who can have a temper.

  9. Oh, Fox! I love that expression: trucker-mouth. I have a hard time visualizing such words coming from you!
    I've had problems trying 80 thread, too, as it's just so fine. Maybe I'll work into it.
    Thanks for the chuckle.