Thursday, June 16, 2011

Redeemed in Pink and Green

Well. this is a lot of fun to tat, so much so that I have started another one using larger beads in different places than I would have done had I not seen Miranda's!

To my surprise, I am continuing to enjoy  the DMC Perle cotton #8.  Surprise - a new tatting thrill!

The hankie languishes unattended...


  1. The pink and green look great together! Funny, I'm also working with DMC 8... not a bad thread!

    Poor hanky...

  2. Let me let you in on a little-known secret. Hankies love to languish! They long to peek, crisply starched, from a jacket pocket and NOT be used to wipe noses.

  3. Lovely motif, beautifully tatted, I am sure your hanky will wait until you feel like doing some more.

  4. Pink and Green are my favourite colours! - so I enjoyed seeing this piece.Colour makes such a difference, I never really noticed before that this pattern makes a cross in the middle!

  5. Better to take a pink and green break than tire of your hanky edging, and then you can return refreshed. Looking forward to seeing the beady result.

  6. pretty, pretty... i know why you keep coming back for it. i gave up on perle cotton because mine broke twice tatting something. Diane and you are lucky, but it's got to be the colour... mine was orange. ;p

  7. Fox, Diane, I am not one for soft threads.
    But a few more posts about the DMC perle 8 may make me want to try them with my hanky that you sent me, Diane.

  8. Thank you, All , for the pretty comments!

    Did y'all notice that there are 4 beads in this motif? I just had to add a few!
    Fox : ))