Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Boss's Pick

She has claimed it and informed me that she wants to learn to tat.  She is four.  I shall watch this development with reserved interest and narrowed eyes.

Kira's Star by Birgit Phelps, 

I altered the pattern by tatting the outer rings as rings instead of chains.

I could not get the beautiful navy thread to show in the image.  A good navy is difficult to find in thread or bead and I have managed to acquire both, but they do not seem to photograph well at all.

Must admit that as much as I am having fun with it - and it IS about fun, right Gina? - I am finding the Perle cotton to be a mite chunky...


  1. Get 'em tatting while they're young - maybe it's easier to learn than when one is . . . ahem . . . my age?

    I love the star pattern - and I have never seen a decent navy thread either. This one looks pretty good on my screen.

  2. Yes! Fun! And it's all a learning experience. I like perle cotton in size 12 for tatting. Every time I go to JoAnn Fabrics though, and see their big pack of enticingly colored perle cotton size 8, I'm soooo tempted to buy it, but I already have tons of the size 8, partly via the Happy Bluebird, that I've managed to abstain. I am using it a lot in bobbin lace.

    Navy IS hard to photograph or scan well. It always looks like black. Your beads are showing up nicely though.

  3. Wouldn't it be fun if she did catch on to tatting at such a young age? Just think about all we could learn from her!

    I love the motif, even if the navy doesn't show up as nicely as you'd like. I agree with Gina... the beads look terrific!

  4. Your navy is behaving as navies are wont to do, I suppose. It is still a bee-yoo-ti-ful motif with the beads and delicate details.

    The Sprout (also 4 years old) knows how to hold a shuttle and wraps the thread around his hand. He still hasn't committed to being left or right handed, so I make him demonstrate his lace skills both ways. His favorite thing to do with the shuttles, btw, is to unwind them with a rapid clicking sound.

    My fingers are crossed that this interest will continue because on multiple occasions ladies have told me that they learned to tat at the age of 6. It can be done this early!

  5. I wonder if I will be able to post a comment today? - I've been having trouble with Google recently, it doesn't recognise me.
    Give The Boss a bright plastic Tatsy and some no. 5 perle cotton and let her play with it.It's hard to teach a child how to tat, much harder than showing them how to knit.At least she will get used to the feel of the shuttle, and perhaps you can make a small motif together with her watching you - feeling involved is what is important in these times spent together.

    I have more than enough perle cottons too.....but Spotlight was throwing it away yesterday, for $1 a ball - I chose two, thinking of you! Couldn't pass up a bargain like that.

  6. Hi Fox,

    Get them young but like you is she just a bit too young, at least shes interested in tatting. lovely motif,I thought it was black but looking at it again the navy and white always a good colour way.

  7. Maureen,
    I LOVE the idea of the Tatsy! Perfect size for her... And I could even wind on some wool/acrylic yarn left over from her mittens, as it is her favourite (and chosen by her) colour! Very good thought.

    I shall have to wait for the end of this blasted mail strike to order a shuttle - hopefully before her birthday in July!

    Thanks - great birthday present for the Little Miss!
    Fox : )

  8. Fantastic if 'the Boss' learns to tat. At least she's interested, and hopefully that will continue. The star looks great.