Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better Than I Thought

This measures just under two inches - it is SMALL!

This is a lovely pattern to tat - from The Tatter's Treasure Chest, using the #70 vintage thread from Michelle.

Though better than I imagined it would be, this motif exhibits very well the areas where  I have lots of room for improvement while using fine thread.

I like the skinny stuff A LOT, so I am afraid I will be subjecting any who read tat-ology to more of the same - but I am determined to clean up these tiny, inconsistent stitches!  This thread is a hard task-master!


  1. Beautiful! The beads are a great touch. I know... pull out those beads, Diane!

  2. strange that the thread's not behaving. do the motif in your other favourite threads! and, oh i do totally understand how you feel when tatting turns up with all the flaws.

  3. Same as Val, I would say try another brand. I find some make beautiful stitches and others are kind of clunky. I don't tat with the very fine stuff all that much but I know the newer balls of whatever I have tend to tat better than the old ones. They are also a different brand. If I remember right, you said this one is Coates? It seems to me that they are a bit "rougher" in texture and I wonder if that affects the sliding of the knots?

  4. Well, that thread could be anywhere from 40-80 years old so that might explain some of the problem. I think it looks lovely!

  5. The finer threads are an adjustment - you need exceptionally good light to extra patience. Once you get adjusted anything else feels like rope!

    But you are doing a marvelous job. Your motif looks great!

  6. Thanks for the comments! I am hard at work on the same design in #80, but in a "younger" DMC thread. It is tatting up much more easily.
    Fox : ))

  7. Beautiful and I love the way you have used the beads.