Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be(ading) Prepared

I saw a very pretty edging motif on Bree's blog.  I have several of this type in vintage books, but have never found one I could easily tat.  Bree's photo made it all so clear...I figured out a way of tatting it.

I then realized it had been a most auspicious move to have purchased the green beads, when I did not even have a plan for them - not even an inkling!

As a matter of fact, I did not have an intended use for either the gold ones or the dark green ones, and just look at where those Delicas ended up - on the new red border for Diane's hankie!

And now, I have remembered a gorgeous thread I have - Lizbeth #40, though it is the old stuff and is terribly twisty and it shreds easily.

Bree's lovely example has been the catalyst needed to put the lime beads to their highest and best use:

Mini-Boss needs fancy socks, don't you know!  Really, with this thread?  Can you see why I got so excited and had to start tatting right away?

Ah, the creative muse trills a hearty yodel ...  : ))


  1. This is one of my favorite Lizbeth colors and you have made me want to get it out again. Looks so very nice with the beads on this edging and Mini Boss should be very pleased with her fancy socks! Karen in OR

  2. Lovely thread colors! That's a nice pattern and looks great with the beads. Mini-Boss will look spiffy!

  3. What a gorgeous pair of socks those will be!!! :)

  4. I absolutely love what you did with the edging, and the green beads look perfect in it! the new socks are going to be wonderful!!! I am so tickled I inspired someone :D

    and I am really glad that my picture was clear enough to help make the pattern easy enough to see how to do it :)

    you go girl!

  5. That is going to be pretty. The colour changes in this thread look perfect with this pattern

  6. That's going to be SO pretty! I don't think I have ever used a variegated thread for an edging - don't know why - now I wonder WHY NOT?

    :) Ann

  7. very nice, you have a wonderful eye for color. and congrats with figuring out the pattern.

  8. With that pattern mini boss is going to have the most gorgeous pair of socks ever.

  9. Thank you, Everyone,for the comments! I really like this thread too. : )

    Ann! HELLO! Thanks! ♡

    Bree - you certainly DO inspire! : ))

  10. That edging looks wonderful in that thread! Mini Boss is a lucky little girl.

    And look at those beautifully even picots.... ;)

  11. Oh, Jane S! You are funny! I appreciate the comment, but must admit that all the ink has disappeared! All gone! What a waste of $$ that adventure turned out to be. Seems that hands do not retain the ink - too much soap and chemicals and scrubbing and so forth. So, these picots are all a result of "eyeballing it!"
    Fox : ))