Thursday, June 9, 2011

Any Takers?

I am serious about whittling down my stash.  So far, it has become very manageable!  These are the threads that my sis used for quilting and I have tried tatting with them, singly and doubled.  I have given them a fair trial.  Though they are not my favourite thread to tat with, I have had success using them.  Not as much body as DMC, but adequate.  I have often tatted with them doubled and that always worked out well.

If you would like one of these spools - and there is a ton on each - tell me and I will send one to you.  The first six people to respond will be sent one and I will try to give you your preference.

I just could not get that variegated green and red to work for the border... So, Randi's thread, dubbed "Randi's Red," and gold Delica beads are it!  I am so happy that my attempts at the other border went abysmally awry!  This one is going to be fantastic!

The DMC is size #80, so it will be slow, but it is a nice pattern to tat.  It is from this book:

a little peek...

Then, I decided to use the pink and green Flora on a design that I really like from this book. I have done half of the pattern and ...ahh... more my style!

(Oh là là ...  Look at those picots!)

☀   ☀   ☀  ☀  ☀

Today was so hot in Toronto; not the best day for a return to the tattoo parlour, but back I went, as I did not like the "poppy seed" black dots at all.  They are the right distance, but they were a tad small and I did not like the black, so:


  1. oooooo, I would love love love the red at the top if it isn't taken please

  2. Ooh, I really love the pink one. And I am so impressed with your tattoo.

  3. I would like thread number 3...

    does your tattoo really make measuring picots easier?

  4. How generous of you! #3 looks particularly nice. I have to say, a picot gauge tattoo is the first thing I've heard of/seen that piqued my interested in getting a tattoo ;)

  5. Can't keep up with you, Fox! - TWO posts in one day....although I suppose one of them would have been written "last night" Toronto Time!
    I love DMC 80, I keep mine in an old-fashioned glass "lolly" jar which sits on it's side and looks wonderful. But I hate taking anything out of it, so I have to buy two of each colour.....and I'm going to a very big Craft Show on Saturday where there is a stall which always sells it cheaply. For years I have been buying 2 or 3 little balls every time I attend this Show. Looking forward to it, it's our long weekend for the Queen's Birthday - (which was, of course, in April....)

  6. I would love to try this thread. If I am one of the lucky six, my first choice would be #4, followed by 1, 3, 2, 6,and 5.

    I've admired all your hanky edgings. I got a lot of hankies last year, but life has intervened (mostly in good ways), so I haven't gotten to them yet.

    From Martha, who Blogger doesn't like right now

  7. ooo.. the yellow is really calling to me! Perhaps I can swap! =)

  8. If you wouldn't mind posting to the UK, I would love to try this thread. 4, 5, 6 or 1 are my preferences but any will do. I am a follower/ lurker on your blog, and am very intrigued with your tattoos, I am wondering if I should be visiting a tattoo parlour or if I am too much of a scaredy cat.

  9. Oooh, IF I could have the orange one on the left I'd be most grateful. Or the redish one lying across the top. Don't worry, though, if you're not prepared to ship to the UK - I fully understand.

  10. Hi Fox,

    I hope you are feeling cooler, we are having rain and its a little cold here. I rather like number 5 although no 1 is also lovely, do let me know how much I owe you as its a long way to post.
    Your picots are looking so neat and tidy well done on your idea. It has solved your problem very well.

  11. Oh yes please Fox! I'm always up for trying new threads. I quite like that blue and yellow if it's going. Really like your new red thread. And still impressed at your amazed commitment to tatting with your "tatted" finger!

  12. I like tatting with those threads but I don't need any, thank you!

    It's interesting how you've placed the dots on your finger. I would have gone more side to side. It just demonstrates how differently we all hold our thread when tatting.

    I am sick of the high temps too. I welcomed waking up to 67º this morning, though it won't last long - it's still a 30º difference from last night!

  13. I would so love to be a fly on the wall in that tattoo parlor!!! Is the artist some gigantic man with tattoos all over? Do they smirk at these wee dots? Do you wonder if you were the topic of dinner conversation in that house?

    We had 103 on Tuesday and last night it was down to 50! (That's 39 and 15 in C)! So the cool weather is on the way.

    I think I would like to try out some number 4 thread, but I don't need the whole thing. I could share if there are others who like it too.

    What fun!

  14. Beautiful thread i really like number 5. That tattoo is a great idea.

  15. I would like to put in for number one. I have tatted with thread similar to that before and it seemed to work ok.
    LeVert92 at

  16. Maureen, Ohhh, I wish I could go with you! Sounds like fun and very healthy for that lovely lolly jar of yours.

    Now that I have lightened the stash, there is a bit more room! When you create a space, something always seems to fall into it! So why not more thread! Ah, life is grand!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    Fox ; ))

  17. The more I look at your tattoo, the more I want one... despite the "you're rediculous" looks from the Husband! I noticed last night that the way you have them diagonal across your finger would actually work better than the way I wanted to get them; so if I ever get to do it, it'll be like yours =-)
    RandaGray... because Blogger won't let me post comments!

  18. You edging looks like it is going to be fabulous!!! :)

  19. Thank you, GK! I am really pleased with it.
    Fox : )

  20. Auh an update on the tattoo, again I wonder how you come up w/ where to add the additional dot. Very interesting, Fox.