Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Version

Miranda's  rendition of Jon's motif inspired me and I shamelessly copied her placement and size of beads. Definitely not as pretty as the first one as one does not see the cross shape as well as when two plain colours are used.  The variegated detracts from  the lovely shape.  Here it is:


  1. I do like the cross version better, but this is very intriguing! I love the touch of beads. I should probably use some of the bead stash I have. I seem to find more beads every time I do more cleaning. Do you need some?

  2. Diane, LOL! Me? NEED beads? Hahahaha! I have so many - that is a stash that I, the minimalist, am not able to reduce!

    I challenge you to start using those beads of yours and posting the result. There Madam. I have thrown down the gauntlet!
    Fox : ))

  3. Lovely and I like your beads and colours you have used.

  4. But the colors are so pretty! You might try it again with the colors reversed. The cross shape will show up in the solid, and will be surrounded by the pretty shades of the variegated thread.

  5. I agree, Fox, that the cross is lost with this thread, although if I wasn't looking for a cross, I would enjoy the motif anyway.