Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not Your Regular Type Of Tat

 Comment by Ladytats to tat-ology:
...before I ever heard of picot guages, I used to figure out the length of thread that I would need to get the picots the right length, and put 2 small dots on my finger as a "measuring stick" to make them more uniform. I mostly "eyeball" them now, but the dots really helped years ago. you do have to use ink that you can't wash off. I used a permanent marker, then washed my hands well to be sure the ink wouldn't come off on the thread. the dots would be there a couple of days.
 Followed by:
...actually I got the idea from a gal on the tatting list I belonged to back in the late 90's online.  she had actually gotten several dots tattooed on her finger as specific measurements.  I just didn't want to go that permanent...
Fox responded:
What a great idea!  Makes me want to tattoo a few on my finger to avoid the ink problem!  Thanks for that.
And then:
Ladytats, As I emailed you - tattoos on the finger? A great idea, I think. I am sorely tempted!

Fox Wrote:
I did it!  I hope what I have done works - just three little dots that I measured and re-measured, before I went to the shop.  It took all of about one minute to perform the procedure, and it did not hurt much, but I am now squeamish and keep putting the bandage back on!  I will eventually wash off the excess ink and take a photo so I can post it on tat-ology.  So far, you are the only person other than my sis who knows!  I feel so brave.  Thanks for the tip.  I really wonder if it will make a difference!
Fearless Fox   : ))

Well, Ladytats, our secret is out!  I just hope this little adventure begets success with the shuttles! Thank you for your support and sense of fun!

I have tried the dots out on the second sock edging, and you know I do think the picots are better!  The finger is a wee but sore so I am not tatting as I usually do as I am favouring that finger a bit.  I will report later as it heals completely.


I am about a quarter through the second sock.  Love the #80 thread with the green beads.   I think these are the cutest ones I have done so far; I think it is because of the finer thread.

#22 Motif Challenge 
Pattern from Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito


  1. Aaaahhh - fabulous! I knew that the dots on the finger was a great idea! What measurements did you use?

    Obviously, you shall be tatting for a long, long time :)

  2. Tattoo'd and Foxy Tatter! Way to go, Fox, for getting dotted.
    Your sock edging does look very dainty!

  3. "You know you are addicted to tatting when......"
    A Lifetime obsession then, Fox - and you are a braver man than I am, I think I would settle for less than perfect picots before voluntarily seeking a needle!
    But what a very good idea it is!

  4. Ewwwwww, owwwwww! You are a brave woman, Fox. I'll just keep using Eyeball Mark I -- or allen wrenches. ;)

  5. AAAHHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'm so jealous - my husband looked at my like I was a nut when I suggested doing that very thing...

  6. Very nice Fox, it looks like you have got a good thing going. I will be interested in progress reports as things heal and you are using the dots on a regular basis. and I hope that it all works for you, cuz' I would hate to have you blame me for this he he he :)

  7. ooh, u r certainly very brave at that, fox! i'm terribly afraid of pain even in the slightest so tattooing my finger to get my picots right is outta the question. have fun with your new tatting adventures.

    mini boss is so lucky. :)

  8. Oh what fun!! You are serious! Way to go . . . Fox.

  9. AH! I am going in for a memorial tattoo for my mother, and I am getting dots added to my finger!!!!! I already have 2 tattoos, nothing to do with tatting mind you, but now I can't wait to dot my finger too, see what you started!

  10. I'll be watching to see how it works for you. We have severl shops in our town and even "Permanent Makeup by Susan". I may go see Susan. Karen in OR

  11. Well done Fox now that really is dedication! Love the edging on the sock's!

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhh never thought of tattooing dots on my finguers, I am not that brave I managed to have my ears pieced but tattooing no I dont think so. but you will have no excuse for your picots not being the same length.
    Lovely socks I hope mini boss loves them, shes a very lucky girl theres not many little girls with tatted socks.

  13. A tatted tatter...very cool. I've heard of several tatters doing this. I've always wanted a tattoo...just was going to be a panther on my I might need to settle for a couple of dots.

    Be careful. You might be addicted to tattoos now...pretty soon we'll see you posting with arms cuffs all the way up to your chin.

    Happy day!

  14. ♡... .. . .. .... ... .........
    Fox : ))

  15. Happy Bluebird,

    I used 3/8cm, 1/4 and 1/2 inch spacing. My fingers are small and there was a lot of frustration trying to figure out the best way to place the dots. I used a pen and some tatting thread and a shuttle for quite a while to figure out where to place the dots.

    So far, they seem to be well-placed.
    Fox : )

  16. Well, I'd done the dots on the finger with a very fine marker... but actually tattooed!!! You really are amazing.

  17. As one who has ZERO pain tolerance (having a lot of pain over the years did not build up any tolerance! LOL) I’ll stick with my gages, thank you.
    Did you ever get a pkg from Erin? I’m beginning to worry.

  18. Wow! I'm awed. That is just about the coolest thing. I usually just eyeball it unless I'm doing some crazy picot work. I wonder how that would hold up to guitar calluses....

    AWESOME (:

  19. Ooh, I want to do this... Have lots of tattoos, but none that are actually useful! Great idea, and congrats with your tattoo :D

  20. Gosh Fox that was a brave move!!
    I suggested tatted dots a while ago on one of the lists but we did it with henna so eventually it wore off!!!
    Don't know if I would ever be gutsy enough to do this!! Go girl - you are such an you have the track marks to prove it!

  21. This made me laugh out loud. I have many tattoos and I enjoy them all, but this is something I'd never have thought of. Great job, Fox! I'm intersted in learning how you determined exactly where to put them.

    *Blogger still won't let me stay signed on, so I'm trying it a different way so you'll know who I am.