Monday, May 9, 2011

Purple, Pink, Perplexed and The Post

Goody! Mail!

This hankie will be a challenge!  I am not sure at all about what colour to tat the border.  Michelle has generously included (with all the other goodies above) a ball of #80 Star variegated lilac thread that is a good match for the centre.

I played around with #80 threads that I have and the white is  Cebelia #20.  I also have Cebelia white in #30.

Pictured also is pink Star, from Isdihara.  The light green and light pink are Olympus #80. The yellow and the red are both DMC #80.

Colour is one thing.  The pattern is quite another matter.  With #80, I am not sure what type of pattern to choose.  I have not tatted with such small thread in quite a while, other than small projects.  This could prove to be confronting!

I want to do justice to Rose-E's hankie, so if you have an opinion as to how to approach this complex hankie, help me out, please!


Funny about the colours... I received the most beautiful peonies on the weekend that are lilac, pink, white and an intense saturated fuschia:

One more thing:



  1. White or the lighter pink...that beautiful hankie has so much going on I don't think you want to add to it by picking up the brighter colors of the purple or fushia. The lighter pink would highlight the pink flowers while not adding to the color intensity. The white would visually expand the narrow white border and pick up the lily of the valley from the design. I favor the white, but I know color can be more fun to tat with...

  2. Hi Fox, I have that book, which edge is it? #8866?
    what is your question? I will help if I can.

  3. I think the white or lighter pink as well! Beautiful hanky just love your goodies!

  4. Hi, Ladytats! Yes, that one. I keep turning the wrong way and attaching to the wrong end - I think. I have made the same mistake three times.

  5. Hi Fox,

    There is so much pattern on the hanky that white edging would be worth thinking about.
    I also love your goodies, I hope you enjoy playing with them.

  6. what about white edging with just a few of the palest pink or palest lavender beads inbetween a few clovers here and there
    other than that the hanky is so busy and pretty it would detract from the hanky I think

    and what a lovely lovely bunch of goodies you got :X

  7. I love the hanky, Fox! I would use white with Mary Konior's Forget-me-not edging. It's very easy to follow, and I think it would look like Lily-of-the-Valley falling off the edge of the hanky.

    I really like #8866. I also have that book. If I have time, I'll play with the pattern tonight. In the meantime, maybe Ladytats will figure it out, and we'll both benefit from her experience!

  8. I looked at the hanky, and I think green-and-white - there's enough pink going on already. Pick up the green and white and I think it will be very effective. And a fairly simple pattern, since it's such a busy design.

  9. The right colour thread for the that is a hard one!! Keeping it a soft pink maybe!?!

  10. Than you, Everybody, for the input. This is a tricky one.

    I especially want to acknowledge Ladytats, who emailed back so quickly with a few thoughts. Aren't tatters terrific?

    Diane, I had the same thought! I really like that pattern a lot.

    Maureen. BINGO! I have just purchased my very first vial of Delica beads in GREEN to go with the white border - I think I will tat it in Cebelia #50, as that is what I have, and the green beads.
    I have never used these beads before and am very excited to try them as they are much more 'professional' than the dollar store irregularly-shaped ones I do have!
    Fox : )

  11. I would do the white edging with white or clear beads to add a bit of a sparkle, but not more colour. But that's me.
    What lovely goodies to play with!

  12. I look forward to seeing the completed hanky. It is sure to be lovely.