Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motif is Yellow...Air is Blue!

Can You Guess What This Is?


Tatting this motif, I have been stuck on blipless joins and Catherine Wheel joins.  

I have been successful.  There are no blips.  No coloured bits where they should not be.  I am now very tired.  I may be now bald.  Frustrated beyond belief, I have spent  HOURS  un-tatting, since I seem to have forgotten EVERYTHING I KNOW!

What is crazy about all this is that I have been practising these methods where there is only one colour.  I was determined to learn the tricks and there was only one little part of the pattern where it counted for real.   Yes,  pig-headed Fox had to learn it RIGHT NOW,  using yellow thread everywhere....

Driven to searching YouTube for answers and  looking at videos on 'How-To', in my travels I stumbled onto a site by Karen. Just look at  those tatting nails!

This is a very informative place to look up a tons of tatting techniques.  She is very, very  good - at least for me.  Everyone has different learning methodology requirements.  Especially those of us who are dyslexic.  This site I like a lot!

However - no blipless joins on Karen's blog.  So, I plodded once again  - the thousandth time, through Jane's instructions and finally, FINALLY I got it!  Again.  I hope it is firmly implanted in my brain this time.

You know, they say,  if you throw enough of it at the wall, some of it will stick....


  1. i have those days all the time!!! Good luck & I hope enough stuck to the wall to help!!

  2. Mastery is hard work- your project is lovely already! (I saw Karen's videos too- great resource- wow! but I can't imagine tatting with such long nails! She must be very talented!)

  3. I think I'll stick with my "blippy" tatting, couldn't stand looking at those nails in order to actually watch the video! Ugh...

  4. some days the walls are clean, and some days they are not. Good for you Fox for learning a new technique. will be waiting to see the finished motif.

  5. That motif is looking fabulous and I love the colors! :)

  6. I have no idea what it is, but it is another of the beautifully-composed and colourful photographs we have come to expect from you.
    I think you should frame that one as well, and hang it in your tatting corner.It has captured my imagination - so much richness beneath the image, techniques, iconic shuttles, gorgeous threads and the proof in the pudding of all those wall-throwing hours.
    I have a horror of stuck-on nails.......

  7. It looks like two shuttles to me and a tatted motif. L.O.L. I hope that you also have a great birthday when it comes around.
    I also think you are a terrific person!

  8. There's a way for duel colored thread to be joined seamlessly? My mind is blown. That's where I'm headed now, I suppose!

    Her videos are very informative! So many techniques that I admire, yet can't grasp the concept of.

    I'm pretty eager to see the end result of your motif, those colors are great.


  9. Hi Fox,

    I am sure we have have all had those days, it looks like a two shuttle motif to me and I am sure its going to look beautiful.
    I am going to agree with typstatting I think you are a terrific person.
    Have a nice day

  10. Hola Fox, yo veo que te gusta enfrentar retos y los logras muy bien.
    Karen es una frivolitera con manos de oro y ademas muy generosa. Tiene alrededor de 60 clases en video, su enlace es
    visitenla y pueden aprender mucho.

    P.d. Siempre trabaja con esas uñas y lo hace como toda una Master

  11. LOL! I was happy to see that I wasn't the only one grossed out by the nails. I saw one of her videos on someone else's blog a few days ago. Oh, for roll tatting... but I really had a hard time focusing when all I could see were those old nails under the false nails. Kudos to her for actually being able to tat so well with them!

  12. Than you,Everyone, for the great comments!

    Anika, Karen has over 60 videos on her wonderful site. They are very, very good, but there is not one for the blipless join as that is Jane Eborall's method.

    The link is now on the post. I was able to do this last week, but seem to have lost the knack! Now I cannot even figure out the instructions! Grrrr.
    Fox : )

  13. Gina,
    Yes, the nails are not my cuppa! But her videos and there are over 60 of them are excellent!

    Fox : )