Saturday, May 14, 2011

Knots and Fragments

I am working on a new motif in a Flora #20 thread sample that Randa sent me.  It is only half done, but I did tat a few small things before I began the larger piece.  I'll keep that out of tat-ology off the till it is finished...

This is a Mary Konior  fragment, from Tatting Patterns:

#15 Motif Challenge

 I was afraid I had forgotten to tat a Celtic knot so I pulled out Ruth Perry's book and had a go:

 #16 Motif Challenge

This is such lovely thread .  It is another that is being discontinued.  The choices of thread are being slowly but surely diminished, leaving very few to choose from.   

Lastly, yet another of the endless updates.  I really love this border.

Pattern: Tatted Hankies by Kirstine and Inge Nikolajsen
  Also, my 95 year-old aunt is on a mission ...  hunting for old ....hankies!  : ))


  1. I absolutely love your work! I must say, the edging for the hanky is a wonderful choice, and perfect in white, I do love the green beads in it, and such a perfect pattern. is this your own or is it from a book?

    very very nice, and excellent with this hanky!

  2. Your edging is beautiful, I love it with the beads. It is so simple and so exciting too, and in harmony with the rich colors of the hankie.

  3. Thank you for your ideas of tatting and your encouragement on my blogs I love!

  4. I love Mary Konior's fragments! I still have to try Celtic knots. I have the books and the shuttles, so what's stopping me?

    I really, really, really like that edging! I've been hunting old hankies also. I lost a bid on eBay for 35 linen hankies. I set $25 as my limit, and I lost by something like $1.50. Oh, well... I'm sure I have at least two dozen hankies just waiting for embellishment as it is! If only the edgings would tat up faster... what's wrong with them? ; )

  5. Your fragment looks great and I like the colors! And the Celtic knot looks neat! And I just love that edging!!! :)

  6. All your tatting is looking great!! I still think you should let NN out to play!! ;)

  7. I didn't know this thread was being discontinued!! It breaks my heart! This is my all time favorite thread color... I suppose I have to go shopping now *darn* :)

  8. I just received my copy of Mary's book and I'm looking forward to her 'fragments', as well as her other patterns. I haven't tried the celtic knot yet, one day perhaps. The hanky is looking beautiful with your edging!

  9. your handkerchief edging is perfection

    Are the Flora threads in your stash made in Hungary or Macedonia? (No worries if you can't be sure. It isn't easy to tell and not always evident from the packaging.)

    Yep, I'm buying some of that gorgeous maybe, just maybe, my tatting will look as good as yours. :-)