Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still Hankering

 #15 Motif Challenge

I like this border #9  from a book I almost forgot I had!  It is a simple pattern, but one I cannot use my Aero-type shuttles with. Because of the many Josephine Knots

I kept getting that hook caught when I shifted my hold to perform that element. So, Clovers it is for this tat.

Now I am spoiled forever more.  How can I go back to the dollar store beads now that I have experienced the superb quality of these Delicas?  I love them!  What a difference.

I never realized how difficult the cheap kind make tatting with beads.  Makes a huge difference to use the better product.  Plus they look wonderful.And there are so many fabulous colours in the store...  : ))

Crazy Mom did send me some wonderful beads last year - Miyuki  Rocailles, #15 seed beads, which are beautiful but very small, so I can only use them with #80 thread, which I use only occasionally.

Here are the new Delicas against the pattern:


The edging for Mini-Boss's sun-dress collar is finished.  I am not going to tat the hem, for the tatting will just get lost with all that pattern going on.  This piece is almost not visible as it is!  But it is cute - more so than the photo.

I attached it top and bottom for I was worried about that Swarovski crystal, but now it is all secure and ready to go


  1. Hmm - shall I send you a few more of the 15/0 delicas?

    The edge is lovely. And I hope the Mini Boss appreciates the terrific work in her dress!

  2. I like the hankie border, quite pretty! :-) I also love the edging on the dress for your little boss. May I ask how you launder things you add tatting to? I did some simple edging that I added to some cute tops for my little 2 year old when I first started tatting...but they didn't really wash well for me. I've wondered if it was something with how I tatted them, or attached them, or washed them or ??? The picots have all but disappereared, and the tatting has kind of scrunched up. Perhaps it just isn't a wash and wear type thing no matter how much I want that...but I'd like to know how someone else deals with lace on children's things :-) Sorry this is so long...

  3. both projects are very nice Fox. the pretty pink crystal really sets off the lace and the edging looks very good too.

  4. That is my favourite edging pattern from this book. The green beads look lovely. It is going to be a great hanky edging. Great choice!!

  5. You're so right about the delicas Fox! I too bought some recently (on my last trip home to Canada in fact!) and they are so much better than ordinary beads and come in so many amazing colours and different finishes, it was hard to restrain myself!

    And with another handkerchief border on the go, you're becoming quite the "Hanky Queen"!

  6. Thank you for the comments!

    How do I wash tatting? Usually I don't! I give most of it away or just save the stuff I tat without using it.

    My kids have washed the baby socks a million times, of course and it does get twisty and worn looking, but basically keeps it's shape. I think the socks are thrown in the dryer - gasp - as well!
    I suppose the trick is to tack it down very well through as many picots as you have patience to sew over.

    The way I see, you just have to enjoy tatting in a bunch of stages: tatting it, sewing it to something; and forgetting about the aftermath be it red wine or the washing machine!

    Frivole, I NEED all those colours! But I have blown my allowance on shuttles! ; ))

    umintsuru, I figured YOU would have this book! It is a lovely little publication. I just realized this border is on the front cover! Never noticed before I took the photo!

    Crazy Mom, When I was writing the comments, I had the thought that you might think this was a not too subtle hint for a bead donation! It wasn't!

    Thank you for your offer, but I have lots of the ones you sent and very little #80 thread to use them on! (NOT a hint!) One day I shall start using the very skinny stuff - when I am in a more masochistic phase, perhaps, and then I shall come knocking, with little bead cup clutched in hand.
    ♥ Fox : )

  7. Hi Fox,

    Lovely edging I like on the handy looks neat and pretty.
    Little boss's dress looks gorgeous shes going to look simply gorgeous in it.

  8. Your edging is gorgeous!!! :)
    The dress collar is sweet! :)

  9. The boss's sundress edging looks so nice, and I do like the gentle touch of the white tatting and beads for the hanky. Quite delicate looking.

  10. Tatting and other handwork requires so much love and effort (even joyfully done) that there is no reason to use cheapo ugly beads! Keep using the pretty delicas. Your border is gorgeous...

  11. Love, love, love your edging choice and those beautiful beads! Perfecto! Whatva gorgeous hanky it will be.

    Truth be told, I was a little worried about your dress edging getting lost in the pattern, but it seems to have worked out well. Another score for Fox!

  12. Love all of it. That edging is beautiful. Another book to add to the list :)

  13. Me encanto escogieras una puntilla en blanco y le diste ese toque genial de las pequeñas perlas azules. Mejor no podia estar. Felicidades

  14. I love your choice of edging for the hanky. The beading is perfect!

  15. Fox,
    Beautiful! I've tatted a few edges from this book and really enjoy them. Hope your day is great!