Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hanging With Hanky

 Ode to A Handkerchief

Ho hum.  
Almost done. 
Tatting a  hankie
Is making me cranky.


  1. Ha! Ha! Not having a enough time to tat is what's making me cranky. Your edging is looking beautiful!

  2. You may be cranky, but your edging is beautiful and you are apparently getting creative in poetry now. :)

  3. Keep going, keep going- it's beautiful!

  4. very nice, Fox, I haven't had more then a couple minutes to spare this holiday weekend, and here I thought I would be able to spend all 3 days sewing, tatting and crocheting.

    i like your poem.

  5. Hang in there Fox - it looks wonderful and you are almost done!

  6. Beads and Shuttles
    Threads and Flowers
    Should bring you Many
    Happy Hours

  7. That's clever - using a tiny safety pin to attach it and keep track of how much is left to do!

  8. Such lovely lace
    With a touch of green,
    Makes the daintiest edging
    Of any I've seen!

  9. Oh to be a hankie, receiving threads so fine;
    as shuttle moves in an out
    dancing: so divine.

    Yet Fox is cranky
    for the hankie fair,
    seems quite boring
    and going no where.

    Up one side,
    down another,
    "ho hum”, said Fox
    the Cranky

    Her shuttle says,
    "I know what’s wrong!
    There’s no pankie in that

    For hanky panky is the spark,
    that keeps our Fox a glowing;
    as her shuttle flies to and fro.
    Keeping patterns flowing.


  10. Kudos to the Bards: Maureen and Suztats! : ))

    Gina, I need all the help I can get and this keeps track of repeats to the corners.

    Thanks, All, for the much needed encouragement!
    Fox : )

  11. YOWZA!!

    bj takes the prize! What a woman!

    Thank, Bev, for such the big smile on my face!
    ♡Fox : ))

  12. ...keep going! Perseverance! You can do it! you can do it.

    YES you can!

  13. You may be feeling cranky about tatting the edging on your hanky but it is truly beautiful.