Friday, May 6, 2011

Fodder For A Therapist

Can you believe I was practicing this join on sewing thread? And the clunies?  And the tiny, eentsy, weentsy,  rolled ring that you cannot see with the naked eye? I need more help than the problem evident in the photo.

My sister asked for some remnants for a project she is working on.  I am delighted to send her a bunch of tatting, as I am drowning in motifs that I have made.

Now I always carry a bunch of motifs  to give away to interested strangers, (I gave one out last week to the owner of a shop who was delighted) but I have WAY to many for the limited opportunities I have to chat about tatting to the interested public!

I wonder what she has in mind for these pretties. 

Lastly, I had a brainwave: Mom does not want  a birthday gift . Nothing, she says.  Just a card.  Not even flowers  -  her cat, Archie, eats them.

So, I thought that if I gave her her own hankie that is over 65 years old, but tatted a border around it, it wouldn't really be a present as it is already hers!  

She is not that interested in tatting - truth is she couldn't care less, but she could tuck this in her purse, especially in the summer for those moments when the humidity is overpowering.  What do you think?

I am playing with colour and debating whether to just go with white with a fancy, Iris Niebach  style edging or a more subdued pattern, tatted with a variegated HDT.  

The above thread is Karey Solomon's.  I have been saving it for over a year and it is one of my favourites.  The lovely colours do not show very well on the screen. Ah, the possibilities!


  1. Your Mom should love an edged hanky. And yes, those colors are lovely (I love Karey's HDT).

  2. Ooooh, a Karey HDT? LOVED mine that I had. All gone now except for a very small bit.

  3. color of the HDT looks just right. and any edge would look good
    where do you find Karey's HDT? all I find on her website is yarn

    sorry, can't help you with the join, I haven't tried Jane's version of the blipless join. I use the one from Bina.
    you pull the loop through the picot far enough to loop back on itself and put the shuttle through then snug everything up.

  4. The thread you have with it looks stunning! Your mom is very lucky, wish she appreciated it more!

  5. LOL, you keep saying you're done with hankies!

    Would this be the sister who also doesn't like tatting? At least you've won one convert in your family!

    Afraid I can't help you with the joins. Every time I've tried it, I've ended up with a bigger blip, so I'm obviously doing something wrong, too.

  6. I love it - I'd do a simple pattern. I like simple on hankies - less to get hung up & pulled on :)

  7. Oh! I think that is a lovely idea!! Your mom will love it! What a great idea to carry motifs to give to those interested in tatting:) I have never thought about it but, am going to start right now!!What a gorgeous handkerchief by the way.

  8. My vote is for Karey's HDT and then call ME Mom! Karen in OR

  9. I had the same issue with the "blipless" join - it does make the ring sit at an odd angle. So, I don't use that join.
    If I really want no blip showing - on rare occasion, exceeding rare...I'll use the Lark's Head Picot Join by Lily Morales

    Mostly, I don't concern myself with blips at all - life is too short :-)

    If your mom doesn't care about tatting, why edge her hanky with it? (Sorry - I have people in my own family that don't care about tatting, either - so I don't give them tatting.) An option for people that don't want gifts is a "gift that gives more" from the hunger site

  10. I can see that it's twisted, but can't help with that! Unless, inadvertently, you may have turned the piece over while eradicating blips??
    Not white - not with that old hanky. I think Karey's thread will look beautiful.
    I love all your pretty shuttles! - but cannot make them work, the bobbin always sticks for me. The only bobbin-type shuttle I have had any success with is the Pop-a-Bobbin.

  11. I have never tried blipless joins, so I can be of no help to you. Sorry!

    I love going through my own collection of motifs, so I don't feel the need to give them away yet. If a friend or relative asks me for something, I let them have it.

    I love the hanky idea. However, I never ever give someone tatting who doesn't appreciate it. That goes for knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, etc. I don't expect everyone to appreciate everything I create, but I do expect them to love what I give them, especially when so much time and effort goes into my work. I hate getting my feelings hurt!

  12. Wow- thanks for all the input! I really appreciate it. ♥

    Yarnplayer, Great idea. I often give gifts that support animal welfare in some way or another. Mom is an animal lover, so it works. I just wanted to do something a bit different and I thought she might... MIGHT get a kick out of receiving the hankie gift, again, 65 years
    later in a new form!

    The blipless join... stay tuned!
    Fox : ))

  13. What?!...did someone call for a therapist?!

    No clue about the 'blip'...but love the HDT! Sis and Mom are lucky.
    hoping your day is grand!

  14. I hope your mum loves her hanky with an edging, and I think the colour choice is beautiful, I hope she uses it when you have done it.
    As for your tatting I think its ok but I have not tired clunnies so I cannot help you.
    Have a nice weekend.

  15. Fox, por la traduccion yo no entiendo muy bien que te pasa al unir los anillos; y en la foto no alcanzo a ver bien. Si tu me mandas un correo con la foto mas ampliada y explicarme que pasa, tal vez puedo ayudar un poco. Besos

  16. Thanks, Maria! I sent you an email! : ) Fox ♥

  17. Yes! The blipless join twists the ring! :( Bobbie Demmer gave it to us all as a test during Camp Wannatat in April and it was that way for all of us. I have heard the lark's head join works and someone showed it to me there, but I didn't try it myself and now I've got to go and look it up again to learn how to do it. But yeah. Sad about the twist. It would be awesome if it worked. In situations where you then come back and attach the ring to another spot so that you can control the twist it might be worth it, but if it's somewhere on the edge of the piece I won't use it.