Monday, May 2, 2011

Capital Clunies!

#9 Motif Challenge

Elisa's cluny pattern again, and yet again:

#9 Motif Challenge
Inspired by Diane, who is tatting lots of pretties from Kaye B. Judt's Oh My Stars!, I decided to practice a few things from the book and began the process of review with this one:

 #10 Motif Challenge

This is the first attempt, so I am pretty pleased with myself.  It came out better than I expected it would, though there are a lot of stops and starts here and places where I had to cut out bits entirely!  Ah, the good with the bad, right?

There is a point in the pattern where it says:
L.J to the p of previous Ch, 3ds

Well, I kept seeing that what I was doing was wrong, wrong WRONG and I couldn't figure out why.  This at about midnight, when I badly wanted to go to sleep, but NOT before I figured out exactly where Kaye had made a dreadful mistake in the pattern!

Finally I saw what I was doing (after about four tries!).  I was tatting this:

L.J to the p of previous Ch, Ch 3ds
(I do apologize, Kaye!)
One of these days, I will learn to read the pattern as it is written!


  1. All beautiful but I LOVE the #10. What are they called, the wee boxes?

  2. Your Clunies just keep getting better and better! I love your star. I will get to that one. It will be my first attempt at block tatting.

  3. Oh my! All three are exquisite!

    Suneeti xo

  4. You are inspiring. I just wish I had enough time to make the things I see on your blog. I would love to try to make them also. Keep up your good work.

  5. Ooooohhhh! All are very pretty and so well done! You know, I've made that same mistake, not that pattern, but in seeing "ch" in a different segment from what was intended. I'm almost finished with a flutter that has SO MANY mistakes....I had to keep repeating the same mistake after I had already repeated it several times before catching it, on the opposite side.

    Some days you're the bat, some days you're the ball.

  6. Thanks, Everyone! I had fun with these...

    Michelle, It is called Block Tatting. Here is Georgia's site, with an intro and some pics fo you to look at. It is not as difficult as it looks:
    Fox : )

  7. very nice clunys Fox. and the block tatted star shows really great negative space.

  8. Fox, your clunys are really pretty. And the star is beautiful too. My personal favorite is the yellow heart.

  9. Celebratory Clunies, in fact, because you have used that luscious yellow thread, and they look wonderful!!....congratulations.

  10. Hi Fox,

    Lovely pieces of tatting, you are getting very good at clunys, I still have not tried to do them yet only been tatting 40 years, still plenty of time to try.
    Lovely colours well done.

  11. Fox,
    these are wonderful!! Last year at TAT days I learned block tatting but haven't tried again since. I really need to get the book you are using. Looks like fun!

  12. Fox,
    I see a great difference in your clunies from the first ones. Great improvement! Keep up the good work.

  13. Fox, veo que te gustan los retos. primero clunys pequeños, luego clunys y cuentas. Muy bien tejidos me encantan.
    Los bloques preciosos también.
    Pero en el frivolite solo queda tejer, tejer, tejer para que este perfecto. Besos

  14. Beautifully tatted clunnies and blocks!

  15. Both Cluny hearts are pretty but I think the yellow one really stand out. Love how you incorporated the beads and the effect is very unusual.