Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing...

 Arrived to-day in the mail.  A real bargain, too!  I have become a super sleuth on tatting sites - the more obscure, the better it seems! These books are in fantastic condition.

The irony is that the T.A.T. bundle, the Master Course -  #3, arrived at my place one hour ago!  Same day, different messages.  It's all tatting, and that's good, but where will I find the time?



  1. Hi fox
    time can be found....., it is so nice to work at tatting.

  2. Ya want time...ya gotta make it! You can do it. Enjoy your new toys!

  3. Great books! And I'm so pleased that your T.A.T. masters course arrived. Where did you pick up the Mary Konior books?

  4. You will love these books! I have a new (old) one. Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela; I'd never heard of her. It's a Danish publisher.
    X Bev

  5. Great book find! And good luck with the #3 T.A.T. course - your tatting already looks like a Master did it :)

  6. Mmmm - those books look like good ones! I just got Tatting with Visual Patterns and am enjoying just LOOKING at it! I think your dilemma is GREAT! I would ALWAYS choose having more projects in my head than I can possibly do than sitting idle.

    I'm almost through our family's birthday season - at this point the holidays seem easy, but that will change as they get closer and my procrastination gets me into a pinch. I've begun gearing up for Phase 1 with a purchase of thread. I know that I can't know what you are working on in the Master T.A.T. but I will sure be in your corner cheering!

  7. Carla, You are so right! I will find time!

    Chiclet, Thanks! I will!

    D, These I found on eBay and bid in the last fifteen minutes. There was only one other bidder from a week before..... Not you I hope!

    Bev, I have never heard of her. You will have to post about your impressions of her patterns!

    Thanks, Cindy! You say the sweetest things!

    Hi, Ann! Well, the Internet has done its magic again... This is the missing post! I already responded somewhere, I think on your blog!
    To reiterate: Thanks for your wonderful supportive words. I will cheer you on as well! Gotta have that thread first, Huh!
    Fox : ))