Saturday, October 10, 2009


With a salute to Suzanne, a tatter who continues to inspire me with her own striving for perfection, I started this piece: Kind Hearts and Coronets, from Karey Solomon's booklet Tatting for the Tree, using Yarnplayer's gorgeous 'Roses' in size #30.

After so much Cebelia in my shuttle, I had forgotten how marvelleous the HDT really is!

I am trying so hard to do each stitch perfectly, with all the bases covered: no colour showing through, no gaps, even picots - you know the drill.

At first, when I posted this, I thought - this is better! - and then on closer inspection, no cigar! I can see such glaring errors; though, overall, I can definitely admit that I have progressed, even since the Fringe event.

I think with tatting, as with all endeavours that one cares about, it is mostly a two steps forward, one back, kind of progression.  At least, in my life , that is the case.


I am taking a break from the strawberries for a day or so, as I finished the crochet work ( yuck!) last night, and have just two more berries to do and the border, which MUST be white.  Miranda, you were right: if the reds don't match, don't do it!


  1. Your piece looks lovely. How lucky that you got to go to a tatting event! ☺

  2. That HDT is beautiful - it looks like it is going to be a pretty piece. I'm starting to get it now, the more I learn about how things SHOULD be done the more self critical I become. The fun is still there, but I really want to take it up a notch!

    Sorry about the border but if the reds don't match I agree that it is best to leave it out. It is going to be such a sweet blanket!

    :) Ann

  3. TattingChic, Yes, indeed, very lucky! It was an interesting weekend... Not exactly what I expected, but worthwhile.

    Karey Solomon's Kind Hearts and Coronets, from her booklet Tatting For The Tree. I am going to add it to the main post. Thanks!
    Fox : )

  4. Thanks, Ann! The reds don't match EXACTLY.

    You can see what a minutiae-seeking perfectionist I am... Looks like you are on your way to becomming the same! Watch out! It's a slippery slope and definitely the harder rockier road, but VERY satisfying at some point, say I, endlessly living in hope!
    Fox : ))

  5. Was I ever surprised to find my name in the first sentence of this post?! Not sure that I deserved the salute (despite my best efforts, results are still rather variable), but thank you! This is not a motif that I have ever tried to tat, but I can see that it would present a few challenges: even tension is definitely a requirement. For a first run through, your chain tension appears to be working out quite nicely (or are there ten prior versions in the round file? :-) ). Well done!