Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin for The Boss

 The Boss tells me she is gong to be a witch for All Hallow's Eve.  But witches like pretty clothes, too, right?

Well, I'll have to ask her that when I give her this little number later this week, just before the big day, so she can still get some mileage out of the motif I added to Old Navy's artistry  for the  three-year-old set!


  1. Lucky little Boss! The pumpkin looks really cute on that sweet shirt! I just love the splashy, colorful clothes little kids get to wear! When I was little I NEVER got to wear orange and pink together, but I always liked that combo.

    :) Ann

  2. Hi Ann! I never got to wear pink. I was the eldest and I guess they wanted a boy. I got blue - always. My little sister was the recipient of all things rose, red, pink or orange. What can you do - except pink-out for your kids and any descendants thereof!

    The shirt is actually prettier in real life colour. Old Navy: cheap and cheerful!

    Your second post did not come up! Lost in Nethernet.

    I am glad you are getting geared p to do the course. It is exasperating at times. but so worth while. Just shout out for any help and thanks for your supportive words!
    Hope your family is over the bug.
    Fox : )

  3. The Boss is going to be the hippest witch in the neighborhood! The pumpkin looks great on that darling little top.

    Reading (see above comment) that you never got to wear pink makes me all the more glad I sent out your vintage STAR tatting cotton today -- in a cheerful medium cotton candy pink. (Not Pepto-colored, I promise!)

    The postal worker grilled me about the contents of the padded mailer after reading over my customs ticket. (That has never happened to me before at the post office.) So I asked him to add the word THREAD in the description box, saying, "just so noone thinks there is a STAR tatting cotton BOMB inside." There were audible chuckles from the people queued up behind me!

    Sorry so long, but I just had to share that story. Vintage thread sample is on its way!

  4. Thanks, D! LOL!! I am glad you approve of the pink outfit and also appreciated my "pink-deprived" childhood rant.

    Maybe the post office has become even more suspicious of the Great White North lurking everywhere above the 49th, stretching for thousands of miles and receiving PINK Star tatting thread for nefarious Canadian tatters to do who knows what with!

    Thanks for a great belly laugh, and thanks ls for your generosity! I am looking forward to trying the thread.
    Fox : )

  5. Very nice dress!

    The boss will certanly be happy.

  6. Hi, Carla! Grazie. I'm going to Music Class with her tomorrow, so I will give it to her then. Hopefully, she "will jump" and I will hear a squeal! Fox : )