Monday, October 12, 2009

Progress at Thirteen Months!

So far, this is all I have.  I am really trying to not rush, to overcome my basic ADD personality type and to not ignore the obvious stitches that need to be re-tatted.  It is slow going.

It is also rewarding.   This is probablly the best tatting I have done to date. It doesn't look as fancy as other pieces I have done, or as eye-catching, but stitch-per-stitch, I see progress here.

This is also the fourth try.... you were right, Suzanne!
Baby blanket is edged, washed and awaiting two strawberries!



  1. Sometimes I feel I am too "mature" (old) to spend a lot of time tatting and re-tatting for improvement; however, I do it anyway. I'm on the fifth length of the lace edging I'm making for Bekah's wedding. I only have to tat 6 inches! But I want the Josephine knots to stay flat, suspended within horizontally placed rings. Well, I can send LadyShuttleMaker the 3" sections that weren't "quite" good enough, for her ceramics project. On the distaff, my rings are looking REALLY good with all that practice. LOL I'm stuck with hearing my Mother's voice saying that old saw, "If it's worth doing, it is worth doing right!" I, for one, appreciate the fact that you want not only improvement but "impeccable" tatting. :>)
    Never give up! XX Bev

  2. You say you have only been tatting for 13 months?!? Incroyable! Can't wait to see the finished product. (Do my eyes deceive me or is that HDT in the Roses colorway?)

    Back when rocks were soft and dirt was new (around my 13-month tatting anniversary), I was all fumble-fingers and picking out knots. You are a natural!

    Can't wait to see where your tatting journey takes you -- my toddler son would say, "To inifinity and beyond!"

  3. Hi Fox!
    Your tatted piece is BEAUTIFUL! I like that colorway - I think I tend to like the ones with a short repeat best because the color doesn't pool. It really can be satisfying to take your time and give each ring and chain special attention - says the INCREDIBLY slow tatter. :)

    The blanket is SO PRETTY! You really are a wonder with a crochet hook!

    :) Ann

  4. Bev, you surprised me. I cannot believe you ever feel old - in your head! (Our bodies? THAT is another matter!) You have a very youthful and adventurous spirit! You cannot hide it in your writing! I am sure you have LOTS of little tatters to send to Sherry!
    Fox ♥ : ))

  5. D, I love your son's expression!

    Yes, you are right: Yarnplayer's "Roses" it is! Fox : )

    Hi Ann, I love this thread!

    I wish I could slow down. I want to do each stitch with thoughful attention, but, inevitably, I am rushing along... It is a challenge for me to just go sloooowwwww!
    Fox : )