Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heirloom for The Boss

Just to clear up any misunderstanding; the Boss is my 3 year old grandbaby.

This hanky was a gift to my mom when she was a young bride in the 1940's.  My granddaughter's initial is the same.  Thus, this tatted gift!


  1. Hi Fox, The handkerchief turned out Beautiful!!! The colors match so well. I'm sure your boss will love it.

  2. It is ABSOLUTELY LOVELY Fox!!! Your edging is beautiful and delicate - it BELONGS on that handkerchief. The Boss will love it now and always...
    :) Ann

  3. Ah you've completed it! - what a sense of satisfaction that must be and it looks great. The Boss will surely treasure that hanky.

  4. Congrats!!!!! What a beautiful (and meaningful) heirloom! I'm so glad you stuck with it.

  5. WOW! you did a wonderful job and this will be passed down for many more generations. Are you thinking of framing it?

  6. Thanks, everybody! I am pleased to have finished it, though I would never have picked a green hanky to be something I would work so hard on! Unfortunaltely, this was the only one my mom had that had her initial on it.

    The Boss may not ever want this, but her mom can put it away for her and one day, when she is all grown up, she may think of me and wonder about who I was when I made this for her, and what was this thing...tatting!

    Kids often don't want what we save for them, but sometimes, when they are much older the articles become curiously more significant. That, I believe, is grace.
    Fox : )

  7. Jumping with glee to see that you have completed your handkerchief edging! You did such a lovely job too -- so dainty and fine, with perfect colors. I can't think of a more perfect gift for the Boss. Or one that is more full of grace!

    Once again, well done!

  8. D. Thanks so much!
    I really hope she does appreciate it one day. This is the most - bar none - tedious tatting project I have yet done. I was soooo bored with it and even left a couple of mistakes at the end. (Don't tell anyone!) But, I too, jumped with glee that I completed it.
    Fox : ))

  9. The boss will love it and so will her mom. Nice work Foxy.