Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Orders from The Boss

She wants new 'pink socks'.

This is amazing thread to work with.  I received a sample of the new Lisbeth, #40  from the generous Pamela, at  Roseground Supplies, and I love working with it. I think this will look very good on the cotton socks and will please Her Highness.

Her Cousin, Yet-To-Be-Born's blanket is finished.   Cute, huh!

Now, on a less positive note:  I am again disappointed in my attempts to stay focussed while tatting.  The mind constantly wanders. I am always checking lists in my head or thinking about the next project or daydreaming about who knows what.  I do not understand why I cannot seem to concentrate for very long on an activity I really enjoy!  This baffles me.

 Here is the ruffled heart, done AGAIN with the thread I dyed, but this time, dome correctly, or at least I think, correctly.  The last one had glaring errors that I only recognized when I re-read my blog while answering some comments.

I was dismayed that I had not seen the mistakes, so obvious, one being a missed picot.

Maybe yoga is the answer.  Maybe not, on second thought.

Once, I tried a meditation class. I actually ran out of the classroom - full of meditating Buddhists, led by a calm and lovely Buddhist monk.

It was awful!  I was sweating and breathless because of the sudden claustrophobia I experienced in that peaceful, serene environment!

Ah, walking in my shoes is always interesting, if always a bit disruptive!


  1. That edging will look great on cotton socks! I just found a few packs that I meant to edge a few years ago. Maybe they'll fit Ella!

    I don't think I have it in me to meditate... unless I'm meditating at my computer!

  2. I understand about the mind wandering. I find that I do better if I tat involved projects that I have to pay attention to earlier in the day, when I have less to reflect on. Tatting simple, repetitive things where it's OK to let the mind go can actually be therapeutic later in the day.

  3. Hi Fox!
    I LOVE how Little Miss Boss commissions work from you. Those socks are going to be ADORABLE, especially when they are in use as the Boss carries out her various duties! The blanket is SO VERY CUTE! I like that crochet pattern.

    Do you think that perhaps a wandering mind is the curse of the creative? You've got me chuckling about fleeing the peaceful Buddhists. I cannot IMAGINE what my brain would do if I tried to shut it down! Hopefully it wouldn't go all HAL 9000 on me!
    :) Ann

  4. I think yours is a common ailment. I know others that can tat without thinking about what they are doing ~ zoning out. Boy! Not me! I have to really concentrate on my tatting and I'm easily distracted by a thought, TV, people in the house; you name it and it'll rear a thought into my cranium and OOPS there went a picot! Or worse joining to the wrong picot. sigh. I think it is the bane of creative people who ALSO have a life! Some of my best tatting is done when everyone leaves the house and the TV is turned off! LOL
    A one track mind is the province of Men! :>)

  5. Your Boss will definitely be sporting in style. The pink will be beautiful on socks. I had to laugh at your leaving the meditation. I wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes.

  6. Thanks for the thoughtful comments about... what was I going on about..??? Fox : ))