Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just a Little One for My Boys

 The Boss is easy.  A young girl child and tatting seem well matched.  Little boys - and I have three little grandbaby "YY"s -  are a whole different tale.  Tatting - not so good! Though, the four-year-old was delighted with the motif I gave him, I do not think he (or his folks)  would relish a heart on his t-shirt, snuggled up to SpiderMan!

This little pumpkin got pasted
into a "Happy Hallowe'en" card
for The Boys

I followed the pattern exactly, but maybe
mock rings would have been better?

Now, here is a project I am not sure about at all.  I took my cue Angie , with whom I had a discussion about baby bootees  for boys AND girls.  Hers came out very well, and her pattern looks sturdier than mine, which is one of the old ones - from Tatting with Anne Orr. The thread is a free sample from Roseground Supplies: Lizbeth #20.

My daughter is expecting and my mom wants a baby gift for a friend .  So, I must decide where this pair will go.  Here is the first sole:



  1. Thanks! From The Big Book of Tatting - now out of print. I had to get it from Australia, where they still had a new copy: House of Birches, now defunct, publication.
    Fox : )

  2. Like you, my grandsons outnumber the granddaughter. All are teens now til the next wave arrives. My grandsons liked the alligators and dogs and bears and dragons and such so there ARE things to tat....but still not a lot. I mostly put them in those see-through rulers and made bookmarks for them to match a favorite story. Bed pillows or floor pillows are a good location for appliqueing the dragons and alligators and dogs. Mark Myers has an online pattern for a football bookmark too, which could be an applique without the tail. And don't forget...some day they'll be men and maybe, just maybe, might appreciate pillowslips with grandma's hand tatted lace on them. Not a bad idea to make them now and tuck them away.

  3. Ah yes, House of Birches...I miss them.

    Your pumpkin looks fine, really. But if you try it with mock rings, let us know how it works out.

    I have never successfully completed tatted baby booties. Have tried a few times and get bogged down about 3/4 of the way through and then usually commit an unrecoverable error. (I hate to cut out parts and start again, though have learned to do it for designing purposes.)

    Good luck!

  4. Gina, That IS a good idea. Even if they are all grown up, a couple of pillow cases can always be used and they would have some sentimental value (hopefully!).
    Thanks! Fox : )

    D, Ohhhh those booties. Glum work. See next post!! Fox : (