Saturday, October 3, 2009

Grandma's Shuttles

Remember I told you that I had won the Ebay auction?  
Well, here is my wonderful prize!


 The description read:

You are bidding for a tatting shuttle I think it is called it is a thin plastic 6.5cm maker Milward, and also a similar item with a hook at the end and a bobbin in the centre, maker Aero 7.5cm,They were my grandmothers and she died about 30 years ago, so I have no idea how old they are

I wrote the vendor to tell her that I would care for her Grandmother's shuttles and that they would have a good home. 
I am so sentimental that I tatted the rings and chains with the thread that was still on the shuttles and will keep these as well as the tiny, white ring that was hidden under the bobbin thread. The white thread was 0bscured under the coloured thread and emerged as I tatted.

It was an odd feeling, finding the ring as I used the thread wound so long ago by someone gone for so many years.  I felt strangely close to the spirit of this long ago tatter.  It was a lovely and unusual experience.

Then this morning I received a message from her granddaughter:

Hi Fox
How nice of you to let me know you have received them. I kept them when she died, fully intending to learn how to do tatting, but when I tried I failed miserably, I can knit and crochet, but this seemed too complicated and now i just don't seem to have the patience, so I am glad that they will be of use to someone, I was very surprised to see how expensive they were, I fully expected them to go a lot cheaper, It just shows, never throw anything away.
I hope you enjoy using them, i still have hankies and cloths with tatted edgings that she made me all those years ago and I am still using them.
Best wishes

And enjoy them I shall!  The English Aero shuttle is as wonderful as I have heard people say.  It is my best shuttle yet, and I only wish I had a couple more of them.  But expensive?  Don't ask!

I just found out that Jane was selling them on her Etsy shop, but I never knew about that, and now there are none left! However, I feel I was destined somehow to be using these, so I suppose all is as it should be after all!



  1. All's well that ends well!
    I have both type of shuttles, the Milward and the Aero, and they were both given to me as gifts. I remembered the Milward because I was using a Milward shuttle when I first learned to tat. Jane wrote somewhere that that the made-in-England Aero are not made anymore. So I am keeping mine safe and don't use it much in case it gets broken and I can't get a replacement.

  2. Hi Jon,
    That is why I am so happy to have this Aero; they aren't made anymore and are difficult to find! I am going to use it - or else what am I saving it for! It tats like a dream and I intend to use it out! Fox : ))

  3. Hi Fox, that is an awesome win with that Millward Shuttle! Very cool! That is sweet that you let that gal know that her Grandmother's shuttles were in good hands! ☺

  4. Oh My! What a cool story! I have a Millward that my Aunt sent me I like how that feels while tatting. I also have the other one but don't use it much..I keep getting the hook caught while working.. could be because I tend to be a cluts... LOL

  5. What a good home these shuttles have gone to, and so nice to hear from the daughter. My working shuttle is the Aero one, many years ago it was a Milward. Jane once had a clear out of Aero shuttles and gave me a few, she has regretted that ever since!!!!!

  6. Well Fox, you got me all teary-eyed. It was sweet of you to tat up the remaining thread on your shuttle. I can imagine the connection you felt to the shuttle's previous owner and that they (the shuttles) sighed with relief to be in capable hands and of use again...
    :) Ann

  7. What a touching tale of shuttles and the journeys they take during their lifetimes.

    I had no idea that the Aeros were not being made anymore. I just passed up purchasing one a few days ago. DRAT and BOTHER! I know how Jane feels.

  8. What a wonderful thing happened to you!

  9. TattingChic,
    Yes, it is SO cool! I just tried out the Milward and it too is marvellous to tat with. Wish I had backups of these wonderful old shuttles. Once they are gone, they are really finito! ♥ Fox

    I really like the Milward too! If you ever want to get rid of the English Aero, I would give it a splendid home! ♥ Fox

    Oh! I'll bet she has regretted it plenty!
    ♥ Fox

    Yes, I imagine that you are a sentimental fool like me! You would have done the same thing , I'll wager! Makes everything worthwhile!
    ♥ Fox

    I hope you realize that it is ONLY the English Aero I am talking about! There are gazillions of the ones made on Germany that are sold everywhere out there!
    ♥ Fox

    Yes, it was a lovely experience!
    ♥ Fox

  10. I had no idea that these shuttles were in such demand! My recent post about the volume of thread I received mentioned the collection of shuttles and books I received as well. I have 2 of the Milward shuttles, one that is still on the card it was sold on with the pick. There is also an Aero made in England in there. I guess I really wasn't aware just how wonderful the gift I received was. (I actually tried the Milward recently for the first time, but I didn't like it as well as my Clovers.) I will have to post some pictures of that shuttle inheritance!

  11. Happy Bluebird,
    You are a lucky lady, indeed! Enjoy your shuttle inheritance! ♥ Fox