Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fulfilling A Request

Another magic button gift.
She wants blue and green, so...

Also in the works: the last pair in the package of three:

The pattern I employed, as you can see, is one of Frivole's and one 
of which I am particularly fond.  In pink, I think it is one of my faves. 

Thanks, Joëlle!

Oh! I forgot to post the first pair!!!


  1. Lovely pair of socks and will be gorgeous in pink. It's one of those great Joelle's patterns
    Beautiful buttons
    Love to Mr G

  2. Oh I like those kind of requests. Love the pink edging, very effective.

  3. I've avoided sharing your sock posts with my daughter. I'm sure her two and four-year-old girls would want some, and I'm just not in the mood to tat sock edgings right now. Yours are beautiful! I need to get get started with buttons, too!

  4. Pretty button!!! lovely pair of socks with beautiful lace. ☺️👍

  5. Wonderful button tatting!!! :)
    Gorgeous sock edgings!!!!!!!! :)