Sunday, January 22, 2017

Skill Testing

Because I spent six months tatting the large Renulek piece, I was worried that I might have forgotten everything other than rings and chains!  So, I grabbed this book and started to tat this:

Using the thread from the last star I tatted and trying to empty the 
shuttle I realized I was was going to run out way too soon. 

Adapting the pattern, I added split rings and came up with this:

It is not pretty, but addressed my doubts; I can still tat!

Here is the beginnings of a mat I am tatting for one of my grandsons:


  1. Love that blue and the beads are a nice detail! Give Mr. G an extra little pet for me!

  2. Ah! One of my favorite tatting books! I had no doubts that you could tat. Look at all you've been accomplishing! Love that shuttle!

  3. I love the blue and gold and I don't think you could forget tatting not after all you have done 😄💟😄

  4. Of course you can still tat! Fun to experiment sometimes though.

  5. I know you have not forgotten how to tat, of course once you learn it's like riding a bike you never forget, sometimes just a little refresher does wonders.
    Love the blue mat with the beads, he's going to be one lucky boy
    Love to Mr G

  6. I love your little emptying shuttles tat!!! :)
    What a beautiful start to your new mat!!!! :)