Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Penultimate Renulek Row 16

Wow. Getting there!

Loving Rita's shuttles!
Thank you, Diane, for 
your enthusiasm.


  1. It really is a thing of beauty. I so love your colors.

  2. I always hesitate recommending something to others, because we all have such different approaches to tatting. I'm so glad you like Rita's shuttles! As your beautiful doily gets bigger, I'm sure you appreciate having so much thread wound on to the shuttles!

    1. Of late, I've hardly blogged or read others' blogs. It's nice to catch up a little. Your doily is coming along great! I am still puttering along, very slowly, on my Jan Stawasz Big Doily...

      Okay, I have to ask - who is Rita, and what are these shuttles? I've been happy with Moonlits, but I'm always open to improvement...

    2. Grace,
      Rita is here: https://m.facebook.com/shuttlebydesign
      The shuttles are wonderful. I am STILL enjoying them, and ME, a bobbin shuttle kind of tatter!
      Not anymore!πŸ˜‚

    3. Thanks, I went over to look, and they ARE lovely! I've asked her if she would put a hook on it, though. I've tried with and without, and I definitely prefer with.

    4. I know exactly what you mean, Grace! However, strangely enough, if I use a bobbin shuttle, empty and with no inserted bobbin, merely as a crochet hook, I have NO problem! I was always useless without a hook or at least a point, but I LOVE these shuttles and the separate hook works fine. Go figure!

    5. Interesting! Well, Rita replied to my inquiry. She doesn't make shuttles with hooks, but in a couple of weeks she'll be selling hand-decorated Moonlit shuttles! I'll go by her shop to have a look at them...

  3. Beautiful! And LARGE :). Nice work, as always!

  4. Simply spectacular! And now do you see why we post shuttle folks love our shuttles?

    Lucy and Theo say Mrow to M. G....

  5. Yours looks wonderful! I'm not finished with mine yet, either. Just started the last row, but getting my Christmas tatting finished has had to be the priority for the last few weeks. Should finish all the 'holiday' tatting sometime before the new year. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing yours completed. It's very pretty.