Monday, December 5, 2016

Not On Jane's List?

Oh, really? I guess I have not posted enough or gotten very far on this piece and tatters have lost interest! I've been eliminated from the blog list! Woe is me!

Well, I am happy to say I have now completed Row 14, and this doily now measures over 18". Progress. AND, the ruffling has just about disappeared; bonus.

Even Muskaan said that she has never known me to take so long to finish a pattern. Zentangle has really usurped my spare time, I'm afraid. I have become truly obsessed. However, my trusty shuttles are always nearby, ready to spring into action whenever I lay down my pen!

It would be great if I finished by the end of the month, but - sigh- that may not be in the cards. I'll give it a go, though.


  1. I think you are doing a fabulous job!!! :)
    Mine has been set aside to work on Christmas gifts(Secrets) and to make room for the Christmas tree, so I don't think it will be worked on again until the new year.

  2. I'm not on her list either, but I definitely don't post often enough. You are taking a while on this doily. It's looking great nonetheless.

  3. Christmas cards, of course! I wouldn't worry about how long it is taking, as I don't think tatting is something one does to a schedule.Unless it's two baby gifts for a friend's grandchildren interstate in time for Christmas. Oh well.
    Since Jane altered her blog settings, I have been unable to comment - neither of us can work out the reason.
    Glad you are enjoying your Zentangle, it's always good to have a change.As long as you promise never to abandon your shuttles completely I think we will be fine with that.

  4. You're still on this Jane's list! Looking good!!

  5. It looks fabulous! Part of what keeps me blogging is that I know myself... if I don't blog on a semi-regular basis, the whole concept of blogs, both reading and writing, will disappear from my brain! It's good to see posts from you, even if they're not as frequent as they used to be!

  6. I've noticed you've been posting less and I miss your posts (don't know if that's related to why). I love this doily and you are doing a beautiful job!

  7. Ingredients: passion from your side and patience from this side :-)
    Beautiful drawings!

  8. I seriously LOVE you, Tatters!

    Thanks for all the supportive comments. I feel much better and have promised myself to blog more often to encourage those sluggish shuttles! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

  9. There is no race in tatting and I love your work even if the posts are farther apart. BTW I'd never know what Zentangle was if it wasn't for you. Love your drawings.

    1. Thanks so much, Bernice! ✍🏻😊

  10. Jane has a hidden list, too, you know, and you are sure to hold a special place there :-)
    We wouldn't mind seeing more of your zentangles here (the instagram ones which I could see are superb !) and you could post often-er and call this zentatology !
    Your doily close-up really shows the tiny beads - wow what patience.

  11. Your doily looks marvelous and the tiny beads give it a pretty 'glow.' Adding all those beads definitely slows down the tatting, but it is always worth it. Beautiful!

  12. I didn't realize you had all those pretty little beads in there! . . . NICE! ! ! :)

  13. You are still on my list
    It's looking beautiful and don't worry we can't all post all the time and your Zantangles are beautiful
    Love to Mr G

  14. As you can see, I'm even slowe, haha! You're still on my list too - we're in the same boat 😊