Monday, December 12, 2016

Failure Averted

I had firmly decided; a) never to finish the piece; b) to throw it away so as to never see it again; or c) to give it to Little Boss unfinished, with the last three rows left off. Those were my only choices.

Then, in a moment of serendipitous sanity, I questioned what it was that was so bothering me about this tatting misadventure; I realized a number of things.

At nearly twenty inches in diameter, I had not missed beading on any row, and I was absolutely fed up with beading; I was done with it!

Also, I was fretting that I would very soon run out of the beads, before the end.

Frustrated with the tension of my shuttles, I determined that the bobbins had become quite loose.

The only upside was that the piece is very pretty and also, I had not perforated a finger with all that hook work! Do you remember in the past all my macabre tatting injuries! The memories still cause me to cringe and shudder!

Upon contemplating these factors, I came to a conclusion. I would forge on and finish, making a few necessary adjustments before picking up the shuttles again,

The shuttles would be larger to hold more thread so I didn't have to reload every few inches and they could not spin! 

So, I am using a new Moonlit, kindly sent to me be my friend, Denise. Forgive me, Denise, but I un-blinged it, as the stickers caught the thread! However, that shuttle was just the one I needed. 

Next, I have put away the beading hook and all traces of lilac beads. The finished piece will be just fine without beads in the last three rows. My secret is safe with you and no one in the real world will ever notice!

The solution seems to have worked as I have tatted many inches in one night as you can see here:

With luck, it shouldn't take me long to finish now. 

I am so looking forward to tatting Frivole's newest star. It looks positively minuscule!


  1. Lucky me, I get to see you tatting again! Great decisions :)

  2. You have made awesome progress!!!! And I am sure it will be beautiful!!!! :)

  3. Whew! So pleased that the tatting will go on. It's going to be beautiful.

  4. Sometimes small adjustments are exactly what we need! Happy tatting!

  5. Wonderful that you are continuing! It's so beautiful!

  6. I'm glad you made a plan, it would be a shame not to finish it after all that work.

  7. I am very glad that you decided to continue! This is a great work and will be even grander :)

  8. Sorry I am so late checking in on your tatting and very interesting story and glad you are able to speed it up. I used to sew clothes and if I took too long I felt like it was an old dress when done. So I made up a rule cut out one day and sew up next. That really helped and I can see where this relates to the beads and shuttle filling time consuming problem. Now I talk too much. looks wonderful and glad it will be done soon :)