Tuesday, November 1, 2016


... but tolerably pleasant!

Still on Row 12:

Should I be concerned that the ruffling is not all gone yet?


  1. It looks beautiful!!! :)
    I am on the final round and mine still has ruffling, it's just not as bad the farther out you get.

  2. I had that problem with my butterfly doily... but it looks like you have a lot less ruffling than I did. I think pressing it lightly whilst pulling gently on the edges would sort it out.

  3. Looking beautiful, I would not worry I think by the time you wash it and block it, the ruffling will have gone
    Love to Mr G

  4. Nah! It will be fine - especially if you block it. Am I the only one that blocks doilies these days? I tend to tat (and crochet) pretty tightly, os it seems like I have to block everything.

  5. I use a squart bottle and dampened it with shuttles attach to and blocked it. It would dry overnight. I felt I could not stand the ruffles could tat no further till it did that. It got those first ruffling rounds out of the way and the rest were fine. Looks like you have more faith waiting for the end. But I didn't☺️

  6. Could you block it at this stage, before going on? I'm sure I've done that with some big doilies.


  7. Beautiful doilies! 9 rows are mine yet only.
    9 rows are mine yet only. :-)