Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hours and Hours

This sure gobbles the minutes! I had forgotten the hour element when tatting Renukek's patterns.

Nevertheless, here I am beginning Row Nine, and - surprise, surprise - I am still enjoying this piece. Still loving the thread...Maureen L. is definitely on to something!

I am hoping, as I go along, that the ruffling will begin to correct itself and play nicely.


  1. Yes indeed - I love soft thread and Finca is fabulous! I'm trawling with my skein to all the thread shops round town, asking if they can stock it.

  2. Lovely. Just my one cent, I let those 3 rings in row 8 overlap a little like the centre flower, that reduced the ruffling.

  3. Looking good! Isn't it funny how the time just flies by when tatting a large piece?

  4. You are doing wonderful!!! :)
    I am still tatting along on mine yet! :)

  5. Oh, it is coming along beautifully! I desire to tat a large doily.