Friday, July 29, 2016

Banishing Blue

I just can't do it. Though my friend admired the ecru, red and blue with various beads, I never did enjoy those colours one bit! The shop I where I get the thread has very limited colour choices.

After pondering the palette options for a few days, I decided on three threads I had never considered and I am very happy about the way the first few rows look:

It had not occurred to me that the two ecru shades would work, as they are so close in intensity, but this works!  Not sure what your screens register, however.

At first the lilac beads seems an odd choice and the woman in the shop raised her eyebrow, and not in a good way, when I voiced my intention. I think they look perfect!

In the past,  I think I complained about the soft quality of the Finca Perle, ( likening it to toilet paper, if my memory serves me correctly!) but this time around I am truly enjoying it! So far,so good!


  1. This is another winner! I love the pattern and the colors! I agree about the bead color! Great choices! Isn't it a woman's prerogative to change her mind about something or everything? :)

  2. I love the colors! It looks to me like you may have a problem though. Between "7:00" and ”9:00”, I think there are too mny red rings?

    1. OH no! You are right! At least I can fix it easily! Thank you!

  3. I like it so far, also those lilac beads. Neverless, the blue was an accent in the other doily that you added toward the outer rounds and you have plenty of time to change your mind many times!

  4. It's looking good so far, and it will all blend in I think in the end, sometimes you just have to go with it and see how it works,
    Love to Mr G

  5. I panicked for a moment when I saw the title of your post, but I feel a bit better after reading all the way through. Banishing blue... perish the thought! However, I agree with you for this piece. I like the lavender beads. They are an interesting touch!

  6. Ha! I did not notice the extra ring(s) until I read this thread. :) And I am a tatter. I was merely caught-up admiring your gorgeous shuttle! Love it! And, though you may have had extra rings, they maintained the shape of the piece. (wonder how one would fix that if an increase was somehow necessary to maintain the shape of a piece, then need to be decreased without it showing, after the initial problem was fixed! :) H. Must think about it! :)

  7. You have great instincts for color, so I'm eager to see it develop.

  8. This is a lovely pallet and draws attention, love your figuring how it works you are very good at that!