Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mail Malady

Enough said: still waiting.


I love this. I might give it to The Boss and make another in pinks and purples for Mini Boss. It's a fun tat and a new skill, as I have not done this type of pattern on cloth before. I am pleased. Thanks, Eliz!

See that pretty new shuttle? I got a replacement from LaCossette this week. I ordered the other one as well as the errant shuttles are not going to return. Very strange. We cannot figure out how they disappeared.

A generous Ninetta sent me way more than I requested! ( I don't sew and she is a genie with a machine) Wow! What a special parcel. Great tatting and look at that fantastic metallic Bosa lace. Thanks Nin!


  1. I really didn't do much, but I'm glad you are enjoying the project. It looks fantastic.

    1. Ha! You were my inspiration AND you cleared up the question I had with the pattern! :)

  2. So many pretties on this page! What a lucky girl! ! !

  3. Seems the postal system is not totally hopeless! I hope the thread arrives soon. Love the tatting on cloth. I've worked like that myself, it's good not to have to sew tatting on when you're done.

  4. The edging looks fantastic! What a lovely packet from Ninetta. I'm not familiar with that lace, so I guess I'll have to do a little research today!

  5. I just love that colorway. Boss should be pleased!

  6. Your doily edging is so gorgeous!!!! :)
    Great package!!! :)

  7. Bummer about the mail though obviously they have't stopped coming all together yet. Such beautiful things Ninetta sent you! Your edged doily is looking lovely, too. I had to laugh when I saw it though, as I just finished edging a small doily center as well.

  8. I am late sorry for being behind,
    Lovely cloth and the edging is looking gorgeous, I am sure the boss will love one.
    Lovely shuttle, I still hope it might just turn up.
    What a lovely parcel and the beautiful lace from Nietta
    Love to Mr G