Thursday, March 17, 2016

For Now, Fruits!

Yes, fruits it is: oranges and lemons, courtesy of Mary Konior.

As I wait for thread to arrive, I  am using the last of my HDT - #70 - a gift from Lea, sent along with my last order months ago.

Not wanting to run short, always a consideration of mine, I opted for a simple pattern that I figure will go well with the variegated colours and will last till the end of the border. 

I think the colours play well with this hanky's embroidery, even though they are not, by any means, a match.

The pattern is relaxing and easy! A treat. Love MK patterns.


  1. For all the colors don't 'go together' they look like part of the same garden. This will be a marvelous hanky when you are done.

  2. The colors are stunning, and I think they will "spruce" up the hanky!!! :)

  3. What a gorgeous color! It just seems to be 'made' for the embroidery on that hanky, even though it's not technically a 'match.' That MK edge is beautiful. The hanky will be gorgeous.

  4. Oh beautiful colours they are so mouthwatering, Love MK patterns too
    Love to Mr G how is he not seen him for a while