Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Karey Conundrum

This is a pattern Karey Solomon posted earlier in the year in her publication "Tatting Times." There were so many errors in it that I didn't finish, but added a row with beads and sewed what I had onto a tiny baby t-shirt for a gift. It was fine that way, but I was annoyed that  I couldn't get the pattern right. 

A few days ago, wanting a break from the JS, I pulled out Karey's design and some strangely coloured #80 Lizbeth (that has a TON of knots) that I seem to have acquired and began another attempt.

This time, I recognized why I had made the errors and was able to properly complete the motif, which is quite lovely when tatted correctly. The thread? That's another old, tired story.

Here is the motif back around March:

And again, the new one, on a light background:

Progress on the JS is very slow, as this round has so many chains with picots and then tony rings. But I am still truly enjoying tatting this one. 

Actually , I believe this is one of the most enjoyable patterns I have ever tatted. Big statement, eh? But true. 

Two more rounds will complete it.


  1. Hats off to you on that JS love your remake, I get what you mean on going back to an old one it funny how you learn something by setting it down and time lets you see it or make it better!

  2. I love your doily so much, especially the harmony of the pattern and colors. Perfect match!

  3. Interesting outer row, I'm glad the pattern clicked.

  4. Your master piece, is truly a master piece, look forward to when you have finished it.
    Your motif is looking so much better and well done on getting it right.
    Love to Mr G

  5. Your motif is awesome!!! :)
    And your JS is so elegant!!! :)

  6. Knotty or not, you did a great job with that Size 80 thread! I love the motif.