Friday, September 4, 2015

One-shuttle Olympia

"Olympia" -  Another Ben Fikkert,
smaller than "Buttercups"

Yarnplayer #80 HDT

The hankie now rounding the first corner...

I like this simple pattern by Teiko Fujito, and I like the blue thread I've used. 

Both colour and design seem to suite the handkerchief design. I'm just hoping the thread lasts till the end of the edging. So, of course, I am tatting very fast; that always works...


  1. Yep, tat faster, that definitely conserves thread!

    Actually, if you're worried about running out of thread you should probably slow down a bit to avoid silly mistakes. If you had to cut a section out, that would use up way more thread!

    I like that edging, too. Just the most basic tatting techniques, and it's so elegant looking!

  2. Wow! Beautiful :). That is so tiny and delicate :).

  3. The colors in the Olympia are gorgeous! Okay, it's from Yarnplayer, what do I expect?
    Hehe - yes, go faster! You may be done before the thread realizes there isn't enough to finish!!!

  4. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face. Many thanks as it keeps me young.

  5. Ooh! Yarnplayer's thread is yummy! I agree... tatting faster does insure that there will be enough thread to finish... at least in theory!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous motif!!!! :)
    Beautiful edging!! :)

  7. Made me laugh, thanks for a chuckle on a Friday night!

    Gorgeous BF, absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Frothy is the word for that pretty Ben Fikkert piece. I hope you can tat fast enough, it would be a shame to run out before you get round the hanky.

  9. I love your delicate and beautiful motif, that thread is beautiful, well done
    I am sure you will have enough if you tat fast.
    Going on holiday so if you don't get a comment from me don't worry I will catch up when I get back.
    Love to Mr G

  10. Sometimes I think you know when I leave town, and then post something and I miss it! This is again another work of art and beautiful colors Love it!