Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Deceptively Simple

Found it! 
Tatting From Burda book

Not as easy or straight-forward as it seems, this little pattern had me wondering how to get those outer rings tamed. It took three times to realize the pattern did not work and I had to increase the stitch count by10 ds per ring, making the final count a massive 42 ds per ring! Whew! Lots of anxiety closing them up! They ended up all fine, even the one that decided to become bent for her photo shoot!

I am so pleased with the result that I may at some later time re-tat this. Unfortunately, I have no idea who designed this, as I printed it from the Internet somewhere ages ago and don’t know where I found it. Anyone?

Next, I have made progress on the edging; I will have enough thread.

It would not have been sufficient had I had continued with Robin’s pretty border design, so it is auspicious that I decided to switch patterns. All is good - for a much-needed change from the grumbling. That means no trucker-talk, Sherry!  : ))


  1. Wonderful motif and it looks like great progress on the edging!!! :)

  2. Very cute and nice work (making it work) the last couple of motifs you have posted, remind me of watermelon :)

  3. I do like that motif, and I'm happy that you have enough thread for that beautiful edging! Back to the LaCossette's I see! Good for you!

  4. Not only is your tatting gorgeous, you have the most lovely shuttle collection! I love how you color-coordinate your shuttles with your threads! It's just plum "purty"! :)

  5. Those are big rings, must be tricky to close in fine thread. Pretty result. Glad you tatted fast enough that the blue didn't run out!