Thursday, August 20, 2015

Karey's Continued

#80 Lizbeth

Love mignonette. It is always such a challenge to tat those pesky bare threads exactly the same length. I haven't mastered that trick yet.

I chose that red because the motif is mainly such a pale yellow that it appeared white till I added the dark border. Anyway, I always like red and yellow.


  1. I do love the mignonette tatting to it is also my favorite looks like another good start to a wonderful piece of work!

  2. Red and Yellow are a very nice combo, it sure brings out the yellow. Tatting always looks so Vintage when I see bare threads. Great Job!

  3. Nice motif! I also like red and yellow together. I can't say that I'm a fan of mignonette. I like the look but not the process!

  4. The only time I use picot gauges!!

    I bought Judi Banashek's book n Modern Tatted Mignotnette to learn how to solve the troubles I ended up in!!

    As usual I am drooling looking at your work Fox. Keep it coming!! xxx