Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Done!

Almost 17 inches in #40 Lizbeth.

Thanks Renata, for the fun and the challenge. Tha last row was quite something, as it seemed endless, but here I am. Across the finish line.

Now on to the Ben Fikkert pattern...


  1. I agree with Ninetta -- Wow!

    Love the colors in the Ben Fikkert pattern that you're working up. :)

  2. Congratulations! it is very beautiful and encouraging for me to finish!
    looks like you are even working on well on Ben's beauty and I can't wait to start back with this one too. I was thinking of working all the colors and just make 6 of each motifs to start with going upward just to see what my colors will look like because I have a little indecision on that if you know what I mean. Someone on Intatters did that and did that and it made me wonder. If you know what I am saying

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I studied the Lizbeth charts for HOURS before choosing. I don't like doing thread samples... makes me cross! I'd rather pick from the
      catalogue, as I find it easier. I guess I'm just lazy. : ))

  3. Awesome Fox!!! :)
    Love the pretty colors in the second one!! It seems to be coming along beautifully too!! :)

  4. Thanks, a tatters. I'm very happy to have it done with!

  5. Oh, how I envy your finish! Nice work and good use of that thread! have many hours to go on those last two rounds :/
    Both doilies look beautiful - I, too, love the colors of the BF doily.

  6. Yippee! I'm way far behind you, but I'm enjoying myself, so it's okay. Love the Fikkert pattern!

  7. They are both beautiful, the the second one just looks so happy with the colors you are using in it! How can one look at it and not smile? It's saying, "Be happy, it's spring"!

  8. Congrats on the beautiful finish! I do love the colours of the BF doily, too.

  9. Congratulations on finishing a beautiful doily, and the other one is looking gorgeous

  10. It's incredible how colors can change pattern! When I was seeing this doily on miniature photo - I was thinking it's some different pattern, not Renulek's "Spring 2015" :-)