Saturday, February 7, 2015

Regarding Renulek

Oh, I do love Renata's designs. I find them entertaining and stress free, so I can play, add beads and relax - just what I need as the Morimoto pattern is giving me hives!

Can you even see the shiny gold at the joins? I know the colours are a bit odd, but as I told you, I am trying like mad to use up the small stock I have of Lizbeth #40. 

Some of the stash is the green flower centres in the Japanese pattern below. 

I have actually finished 6 motifs completely, but was too lazy to take a photo. Anyway, I have twelve more to tat. I am not so fond of repeating motifs in doilies.

In the mail, a package from Belgium. Gian was immedietely captivated. 

Then he couldn't resist a stroll ll over the beautiful hankie. Gracefully. With aplomb.

Thank you so much Tallly. I love this. It is a commemorative "Never War Again" hankie; Tally knows my dad was a pilot with the RCAF during WW2. Such a wonderful thoughtful gift to send to me. It shall receive a special tatted edge.


  1. That is a pretty hanky and I love the way it appears Mr. G is "presenting" it to us! Such an elegant Mr. :)

  2. Das sind sehr hübsche Occhiarbeiten und das Tuch ist sehr schön! Bekommt es einen Occhirand?

  3. Your renuleks mat is looking unusual and lovely, I also love her patterns, I have started mine and will post when I have done a little more.
    Your other mat is lovely but I can understand why it driving you up the wall, you will get there i also hate lots of motifs around a doily.
    Lovely hanky and something beautiful to keep as a memory. My father followed the troops into France, Belgium and into Holland, he was in army dental unit.
    Love to Mr G.

  4. I do love your sense of color! I'm afraid my color choices are much more controlled (color pack from Handy Hands). If I tried to choose colors to use together, I'd never get any tatting done! After reading your posts, I think I'll stick with Renata's doily. I do enjoy her patterns! I look forward to seeing what you do with that lovely hanky!

  5. Beautiful tatting, as always! I'm not crazy about many motifs either, but I usually do like the whole look when it's done. That hanky! Gorgeous as well as thoughtful. My boss' father was a U.S. Bomber pilot in WW2, and her family still attends annual gatherings of the bomber group - very interesting history and conversations! I know you will make that hanky even more special with the perfect tatted edge.

  6. Thanks for your great input, Tatters! : ))

  7. That daisy doily I did had all those flowers I really don't care for tatting so many seperate things too, but it really looks nice that is only thing keeps you going sometimes. Love the hankie and that reminds me I have to finish mine. love the beads and Renata's doily's they are stress free and your beads you add.

  8. I told you already how pretty I think your Renulek is. And that hanky is just the best! So pretty and what a memento.