Monday, February 16, 2015

Laurels For Lynn

Back in 2009, I joined eTatters, which became InTatters, after beginning my tatting adventure and the search for a tatting community in October of 2008.

Tat-Land! Oh joy! A community of like-minded shuttle wieldering thread addicts who existed out there in Internet territory. I was thrilled; I could get help.

If one is fortunate, in tatting as in life, one finds an advocate to champion one's success; one is supported and encouraged by an individual who astonishingly appears at critical moments, ready to uplift and inspire a flagging spirit. For me that was Lynn of Hong Kong. Her words were full of praise and encouragement; without her, this fledgling tatter would never have learned to fly. Ever.

Am I being dramatic here? Definitely not. 

You all are familiar with my temper? You know my shuttles woukd have faced certain banishment, hurled down the garbage shute accompanied by many, many nasty, bad words. Without Lynn's continual encouragement and praise throughout those challenging early years, I would never have struggled on through many difficult tatting plateaus.

Well, I'm still learning from Lynn.

The other day over at Crafttree she gave me a tip. I questioned her about closing rings, because of something she mentioned in a post - which of course I can't find now. 

I have never liked the way my rings look after closing, and everyone I ask about this says to just give a little tug at the end. It never worked. 

Lynn added the magic: after you close the ring, pull the thread up toward the left shoulder, if you are holding the shuttle in your right hand; then perform that small tug. It worked! 

Thank you Lynn. Once again. : )


  1. Hooray! It sounds more sensible to me than posting the shuttle. Do you think the problem with closing rings is worse when working with finer threads? Or is that my imagination?

    1. I agree, Jane. Yes, definitely harder. I tend to pull the ring away from the chain and therefor create bare thread at the join. : )

  2. That's a good tip never would have said that, I always said give a tug, I must remember that when I get asked in the tatting lessons I do.

  3. Well, then, I guess we all owe Lynn a big thank you or you wouldn't be on here showing us all your beautiful work if you had thrown in the shuttles long ago! I, for one, am glad you did not! :)

  4. You have inspired me since I started learning and I love your tatting!! :)
    Very nice little motifs in progress there! :)

  5. I like the way you honour your teachers! You must have a good heart under that bad temper! :)
    By the way, can you make a video about the closing of those rings, because ,it does not meke much sense to me.

    1. I'm bad with videos, Tally.

      It's not difficult. Tat the ds. Close carefully as usual but don't pull hard when the ring is closed.

      Now, with the shuttle- hand, raise it and pull the thread taut, pulling toward your left shoulder. NOW give a tug on the thread. You will see it sits better.

      Wasn't so difficult, no? : )

  6. LOL
    We have a saying:
    The good priest too, learns till his death.
    Which means, the good tatter learns every day:)

  7. That's a sensible tip! Thanks for sharing Lynn's advice.

  8. Thank you for the ring closing tip. I shall try it soon.

    1. Glad you like it, Bernice. Thank Lynn! I am finding it has really helped tremendously. My tatting looks neater. : )