Friday, January 23, 2015

Trial Thread

2 Inches in Diameter
Blumqvist and Persson design

Thanks to Liyarra, who sent me a sample of Fincacrochet Presencia thread. Wow - it is such a lovely tat, but REALLY fine. It is one of the nicest threads I have ever tried, however it is hard to find and there is not a lot of colour choice with this brand.

It is sleek, doesn’t twist, holds its shape and is beautifully consistent along its length. Not a hint of Lizbeth!

This poor motif looks a mess as I threw it in the garbage with some other refuse and then could not find it hours later! It is so small it got caught up with the stuff I was tossing into the bin. Now it is dirty and all twisted up and you can't see the lovely light blue shade it was before its sad journey.


  1. I love that motif! Gosh, now I feel like I should go look for my Presencia thread. I know it's some place really safe. :-)

  2. Poor baby! But, she is still pretty darn cute! Can she have a bath and get all squeeky-clean again?

  3. It comes in about half a dozen more-or-less pastel colours; I tatted last year's wedding hanky in the 60 and it was lovely. Only the size 30 comes in colours.

  4. Lucky you for finding a thread that works for you. I read somewhere that Irene Woo would always do a trial tat and make notes of the thread, do you do that with your trial tat's?

    1. Hi Bernice! Yes, I have read that somewhere. I don't do it because I hate saving notes! I started a thread booklet a few times, but I'm not good at saving things. It is unfortunate, as I have tried SO many types of thread. Seems this leopard can't change her spots. : (

  5. It might have had a hard journey in your bin, but it's a pretty little motif,
    Love to Mr G

  6. The motif is beautiful !
    So glad it was rescued in time .
    Needs only to go from bin to rinse...

  7. Crochet Australia sell this in size 30 and 50 in colors (limited) and 60, 80 and 100 in white and ecru. I adore this thread!!!

  8. Thanks, Tatters. Unfortunately, the grime didn't wash out and the thing got really pulled about. But it is clean enough and straight enough to give away as a sample at least. I've got to pay more attention! I have even thrown paycheques away! My Gram was the same. Seems to be an inherited gene! So, I ALWAYS look in the garbage first!