Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thinking Thread

I just realized that though I am nearly finished with the pattern on the paper I am using, this copy is just the FIRST page! I am going to run out of thread for sure.  : ( 

The pattern is deceptive, as it is much larger than I had anticipated. I am enjoying it very much even though it is mainly chains so far. Go figure.

71/2 inches
Now, the Jan Stawasz has grown. The middle section will straighten out as I go, I think. It is pretty easy to tat, but repetitive, so for once I am tatting two larger pieces at the same time. I usually don’t.

91/2 inches
     **p.s. Here is the info from Ben Frikkert:
"Yes, I still sell it. The price is €17.95 (which currently is US$21.55), shipping included. You can pay me using paypal. I would need a shipping address of course."


  1. Wow that is great so how do I purchase this? My email is tennbrown then the at sign then all of that together!

  2. Sorry was so excited that I didn't mention the red doily and how pretty with so many chains too! I can't remember they doily I was doing but do remember the big surprise when I found out there is more!

  3. Can you just stop when you run out of thread? It looks great as it is.

    1. If you have not seen Wendy's, have a look. I've only just begun!