Friday, January 16, 2015

It's A Cicada!

Well, then again, maybe not. Jane has us guessing over at T.I.A.S., day 4. Here's my brainwave:

Also, in yesterday's mail, a surprise package! In it a tiny wooden shuttle, from Liyarra, Down Under! It is made by Veronika, over in St. Petersburg. Lovely little thing- smooth and well made indeed. I am enjoying it. Thank you, Liyarra!

That is the eighth and last motif I am attaching to the JS piece ; then on to the penultimate row. Yessss.


  1. I like your guess much better, and wonderful shuttles. And that's a woo wee and your tatting progression

  2. Very interesting guess on that TIAS project!!
    Can't wait to see you on that last round of the doily!!! :)

  3. Yes, Fox, it probably is a cicada! Godd luck with the penultimate row!!

  4. I never would have thought of a cicada... great guess!

  5. It will be fun if it was a cicada. According to tradition from the South of France, cicada bring luck.

  6. Well done for getting this far, not long before its finished.
    What a lovely shuttle looks very smooth and pretty wood
    Love to Mr G

  7. Hmmmmm . . . yeah, I can see the cicada . . . but, I think it is the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland. :D