Thursday, January 22, 2015

Interesting Interlude

Took a break after looking at Ninetta's blog here. Hew work is lovely - and correctly tatted!

I decided to give this pattern a try - not the whole thing! Just the centre for now. After all, I am waiting for the postman to deliver the Ben Fikkert book! I have plans...

I truly messed up in my repeats The added element made a tight and hard to control motif, but it sure is pretty!

The pattern is the one on the cover of this:
I do want to tat this in various colours...


  1. Well I like what you got so far, I think it is beautiful I love that old fashion look and that has it!

  2. Isn't it amazing how simply using color can make an old-fashioned design look modern?

  3. I like what you have done!! It's a pretty motif!! :)

  4. I have that book, but I've never tried tatting from it. I love the colors! I'm waiting for my Ben Fikkert book... sent directly from Ben. Thanks for the info on contacting him.

  5. Very pretty it gives an old pattern a new sense of design
    Love to Mr G