Saturday, December 27, 2014

Before New Years - New Beginnings

Jan Stawasz in DMC #60 Cordonnet. 
Another rather large pattern, chosen by my daughter.

Tatted in #40 Lizbeth 
The pattern is in a book I received from a very dear tatting friend: 
New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto.


  1. Are you telling me you now have two doilies in progress simultaneously??? I think there are medications for that!

    Only kidding. They both look lovely, and it's interesting to see the two very distinctive design styles.

  2. You tat like a train, and you make lovely things!

  3. "Tatting Away" is what seems to define you, Fox :-) Another beautiful doily on it's way ....
    Wishing you a very happy & even more 'tat'isfying 2015 !!!

  4. Have we gone from one big doily to two smaller ones, oh wow I think you need some kind of medication to keep you going, before you run out of steam.
    Both look lovely I have that book on my wish list that red doily looks lovely in that colour
    Love and cuddles to Mr G

  5. We'd stage an intervention . . . but, then we'd miss out on getting to see all these lovely things you do! ;)

    When I see all your lovely shuttles, each chosen to complement the item you are working on, all I can think of is . . . "There's a shuttle for that" (as in, there's an app for that). You have the perfect shuttle for every project you do! ! !

    @ Muskaan . . . hee hee hee! ! ! "tat-isfying" Love it! ! !

  6. So much, and so beautifull!
    I wish you a very happy 2015. Continue to delight us with your tatting. :) :) :)

  7. Wow! 2? Both are beautiful. I hope you have a Happy New Year with lots more tatting. Love the new term--tat-isfying.