Friday, November 21, 2014

Tatting Times, November 2014

Karey Solomon is a very prolific pattern producer. I enjoy her quirky patterns very much. This square was very satisfying to tat, especially using Karey's own HDT, #40, which is a Lizbeth thread. Nice change from DMC perle. 

A certain somebody had an odd reaction to the booklet. I'm still bit uncertain what he was saying! Perhaps just sending belated birthday greetings to Uncle Vernon...


  1. I should know this already, but where do you get her patterns? Love the picture of the cat!

  2. Very pretty pattern. I wonder what it would look like in a solid color, or perhaps two solids.

    Great timing on the pic of Mr. G! I once got a photo of Poly mid-yawn like that. Mr. G. looks like he's singing holiday carols, whereas Poly just looked slightly insane.

  3. He's saying . . . "AAAACCCKKKKK! ! ! ! Another one! You're supposed to be paying attention to and fawning over me, not that thread!" :)

  4. Karey is prolific in many ways! I like the square, and the thread. This is 4 joined? Hmmm. Lots of possibilities for joined squares.

  5. Lovely pattern,
    Mr G has hit the nail on the head, he's bored with the pattern already.
    Vernon says thank you for the greeting.
    Love to Mr G.

  6. What a great photograph - he looks like he's saying "WHAAAAAT? MORE tatting?" The square is very pretty, and the thread is, too.

  7. Wonder what that cat is really thinking? Love the square and color too I like the fact that the square is so filled in not many negative spaces, and like Grace question where do you find the square Pattern?

  8. Grace and Madtatter, there is a link in this post to Karey’s Blog. You have to email her for the subscription to her booklets. The info is on her site.
    I have been receiving thee - 4 per year for about 4 years now. There is usually something I want to tat in each edition.
    : ) Fox

  9. Super square pattern & love the thread too !

  10. Oh! I didn't notice the linky. Will go check it out. I know I've seen it before with the subscriptions and all, but it's been a while.

    Best, and thanks!