Thursday, November 13, 2014

Interesting Improvisation

I saw an interesting pattern on Frivole's blog, and because I feel as if I have lost all ability to tat anything beyond simple rings and chains (Monster Madness) I thought I would try it. Not finished but looking okay. I like it.

It is fiddly and I think overly complicated in the way it is written. So, I followed Frivole's lead and made my own pattern. Well, actually I am sort of just improvising as I go.

The pattern is from this book:

Ignore the tail please. He would NOT move.


  1. Now why would we ignore such an elegant tail? It adds class to the photograph!!!

  2. That is word-for-word what the Master say, Jane!

    1. So, great minds think alike!!!! I always thought I had the brain of a gnat - not a cat!!!!!

  3. I like it! Very pretty in that shade of green. And you are right about the complicated way it is written. Obviously your version is working well. :-)

  4. Your new piece of tatting looks lovely.
    He only wanted to get into the picture, lovely tail. Looks an interesting book.
    Love to Gian

  5. This motif is looking great! Nice to see Marion Leyd's patterns being revisited! The book goes back to 1983 and was one of the first to show the more modern 'number and dash' notation. But they didn't put each ring/chain on separate lines. I always had to write out the pattern to make it easier for me. This was one of my first books but I haven't done this design yet! You've inspired me to try it!

    Love the tail! Hello, Gian!

  6. It does look interesting. I've got that book...somewhere. Have to hunt it up and see what you mean about how it's written. There are so many old patterns that would benefit by a nice diagram.

  7. I think the tatting looks great. Squijum wonders why you would ever wish to take a photo without your master in it.

  8. Very nice. Wish I could get the book. The pretty tail adds a nice touch. I always thought you called him Gian.

  9. I think a certain blue-eyed, black tailed someone should always be allowed to photo-bomb your pics! ;)