Thursday, November 13, 2014


Many have seen the disturbing news about CBC celebrity Jian Ghomeshi. Unfortunately the "Q"  star's name is pronounced the same way as Mr G's previous moniker.

Be it known that GiGi or MrG or simply " Shrub" (yes, as in small tree!) prefers to ditch the old name. Tally Tatty suggests a re-baptism! We of our faith do not have this custom, but consider it a fait accompli anyway!

MrG, GiGi, and Shrub thank you for your consideration.



  1. We have not heard the news
    He looks very handsome in this gorgeous picture of himself
    Sending him love and hug

  2. You know, I wondered if a name change was in your handsome feline's future. I vote for MrG. It's got a touch of class that I think he deserves.

  3. Mr. G it is! (Perhaps he wouldn't mind taking over the nick-name, Mr. Blue Eyes, also?) ;)

  4. ...from the blue-eyed monster, himself...It doesn't matter what they call me, because I'm beautiful whatever the name.

    : )) thanks everybody. And Jeff, I loved your comment! Fox

  5. Nice looking Cat and you are getting good a photography! you could you this for slogan or commercial :)

    1. Thanks Madtatter! Check me out on Instagram...torontofox....I do try! : ))

  6. I'm all for 'Mr G". I've often called him that, myself! And what a gorgeous portrait! Really, he could have his own calendar!

  7. Mr. G is beautiful no matter *what* his name is. What an elegant pose in this picture!

  8. Mr G has a certain ring to it, not to mention bestowing him a is befitting all cats. My son's cat is Mr. M....M stands for Milkers, because he is black and white like a certain breed of cow, and because, like all cats, adores milk,...... though he does not get any,he has been known to check out the cream in a cup of tea,

  9. Tatters, I love your responses to MrG’s news! You all make me ( and him too, though he will NOT admit it) smile! : ))