Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Similarity To A Snail

It will not be done for weeks, as each row now takes a lot of time. Still taking it slowly and not rushing. Keeping it slow takes away frustration and the crazy desire to rush!

This row is the last with beads. Thank goodness.  : )


  1. FYI those were Miyuki beads that I sent you - available from Fire Mountain Gems in many colors. Lovely, aren't they?

    1. Just spent ages trying to find the part where I mention you and the beads! Maybe I inadvertently erased it, or it could be over at InTatters. I know I typed it though, and of course I know they are Myuki beads from you! : )) I also have green ones left.

  2. Just love this, Fox. You are my inspiration to keep going! My new monster is going better than the first. I'm almost ready to start making all those medallions again, and this time I'll put them together properly.

  3. When the going gets rough, the tough get going!
    Are you using shuttles now without a hook? Do you do that to imitate Plato, who put pebbles in his mouth?

  4. A little tatting every day will one day amount to a magnificent piece - keep going, it's not a race! I love seeing this growing, and I think it is extremely elegant in this thread.

  5. Hi Maureen,

    Thank you! Would you believe I am already planning the next one for my daughter? The new white thread (#60 DMC Cordonnet) has arrived; I have printed out the JS pattern - my daughter picked the one she wanted, and I am looking forward to the next one! Not as big as this one, but big enough. What happened to the little easy motifs??? : ))

  6. This is so big it must be laying on your bedspread huh? Wow you are fantastic! this is fantastic!
    hugs from Carollyn

  7. Fox, this truly is spectacular! I think it is definitely another red ribbon winner! And it is HUGE! ! ! ! ! ! :)

  8. Beautiful , you are fantastic!
    hugs from Carla

  9. Who got there first the turquoise or the hare. It's looking stunningly beautiful, keep up the good work
    Love to Gian

  10. This is so beautiful, Fox!
    And here I thought you hated tatting doilies.........

  11. Thanks, Suz.

    I I don't ! : ))