Friday, October 10, 2014

Rollin' With A New Round

Finally! Who hoo! I am one happy tatter now that I have left those wretched repeating motifs in the dust! This big d... Is now over 19 1/2 inches in diameter! LARGE!

This row is straightforward and so comparitively easy, even with the addition of the #11 beads (a gift a million years ago from Psychomomom). After this row I am finished with beads, but I needed to tie in those in the previous rows.

Now, a confession. After seeing how umintsuru tatted the interlocking rings of Under An African Sky, I realized I might not have been doing them correctly when I trudged off in my own direction. As usual. So pig-headed.

So, I think I will start over - following the pattern this time. No beads. Whew! Also. I was not thrilled with my colours and have picked different ones this time. Eventually, I will get started. Thanks, umintsuru for the photos on your blog. : )

This is how far I got. It was good therapy as a change from the Monster.


  1. The Stawasz doily is wonderful, but I agree you've found the right therapy to get over the monochromatic phase! :)

  2. A Green sun flash. Ok, that is typical for the high North. An African In Canada.

  3. The monster is looking gorgeous, well done.
    I am looking forward to seeing your African mat, I think the colours are lovely.
    Love to Gian

  4. wow such nice work on your monster doily! I really enjoy watching the progress!